Stephen Lomas: Where is Squid Game Player 243 Now?

When entering a competition like ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ one can hardly predict how things might turn out. This is especially true for someone like Stephen Lomas (Player 243), whose journey from the very start of season 1 was unpredictable, to say the least. He entered the show in the hope of remaining till the end alongside his best friend, Chase Higgenz (Player 242). Unfortunately, the plan really went up in flames as the very first hurdle, forcing Stephen to forge a new path for himself.

As the show progressed, Stephen emerged as one of the strongest players in the ‘Squid Game‘ inspired show, something that can easily be attributed to him being a part of one of the most significant alliances in the competition, the Gganbu Gang. More than anything, it was his bond with Rick Mercurio that truly helped him stand out among the crowd. Having gravitated towards the older man during the very start of the competition, the bond between the two soon took a familial nature.

Was Stephen’s on-screen journey a simple one? Certainly not. However, let it not be said that he failed to entertain the viewers, given his endearing personality and strong sense of loyalty. His overall performance may not have had the result he had wanted, but he certainly earned a whole new set of fans who are undoubtedly eager to know what the reality TV star is up to these days.

Stephen Lomas is Now a Social Media Star

If there was one trait that set Stephen Lomas apart from others, it was perhaps his unfailing honesty. This not only helped him form some genuine alliances in the show but also earned him friends that he has seemingly retained even months after his time in ‘Squid Game: The Challenge.’ He also opened up about his personal life in the show, pondering upon the early years of his life and how his past experiences helped shape him into the man we came to appreciate through the reality series.

“There was no stability in my household, no direction,” Stephen recalled. “I come from a big family. Uh, nine kids. I’m one of nine, and my parents started having kids at an early age. I’m talking way too early to be having kids. And we’ve been homeless. We’ve been living in cars. We’ve been house and couch-hopping as a bunch of kids, man.” The reality star further added how there were nights when he and his family members did not even eat.

Stephen has confessed that he is not very close to his parents due to his experience as a child. He stated that he was a “mama’s boy” in his younger years, so he does sometimes end up talking to his mother, but the closeness has apparently gone away. However, when it came to his father, Stephen certainly did not seem to have any warm feelings. “My dad, pretty much out of the picture. He sucks,” he explained. As such, the almost familial bond that formed between him and Rick Mercurio was something that he seemed to cherish very much.

As of writing, Stephen is based in Kansas City, Missouri. In 2015, he, along with his friends, established Let’s Get Moving, a moving company that quickly became popular. The founders also started to make content on Facebook to boost their popularity. Thanks to their fame on TikTok, Stephen and his friends have officially left behind their work as movers and are solely focused on content creation, now working under the brand KC Boys.

KC Boys currently has over 116K followers on Instagram, while their TikTok account boasts a following of more than 308K. Stephen himself has over 145K admirers on Instagram and a TikTok following greater than 326K. An internet celebrity in his own right, he often makes content with his friends, often partaking in fun activities together like playing rugby. Stephen has also stepped his foot into the world of modeling, often posing for KC Boys. Those eager to support the Netflix star can go to the website of his content company and buy merchandise like calendars and t-shirts.

As for his personal life, Stephen is happily married to Alix Blahnik. The couple has their own social media presence with a shared Instagram account with over 242K followers. Meanwhile, their YouTube channel, “Alix and Stephen,” has more than 790K subscribers. However, the two seem most proud of their roles as parents of two little girls, Aurora and Miya. Stephen especially is quite proud of his role as a father and never misses a chance to spend quality time with his beautiful family.

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