Stephen and Chase From Squid Game Are Still Best Friends

While it’s true Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge‘ is a competition series wherein 456 individuals face off against one another for a chance to bag $4.56 million, Stephen Lomas (player 243) broke all its bounds. After all, he not only stepped into this production with his best friend Chase Higgenz (player 242) by his side, but he also soon established an unparalleled connection with a few others – they became known as the Gganbu Gang. Yet for now, if you simply wish to learn more about the former – the real-world, long-term friendship between Stephen and Chase – we’ve got all the necessary details for you.

Stephen and Chase’s Squid Game Journey

It was reportedly back when Stephen was attending high school in his native of Kansas City, Missouri, that he first came across Chase, only for them to quickly develop a fun yet deep bond. According to the former’s own words, the duo has since done everything together, which is why they even chose to step into this original side-by-side as a challenge to one another. He even indicated that despite him being glad for this push by Chase because he’d evolved into a complete homebody following the birth of his kids during peak COVID, he wouldn’t hold back if it ever came to them facing off.

But alas, the competition ended before it even really began for Chase as he moved and got shot at during the first game itself, Red Light Green Light, leaving Stephen with no other choice but to move on. The latter had honestly thought it was a possibility it would be them two facing off in the finale, but then he suddenly had to adjust to a new reality, which eventually led him to the Ggangbu Gang, a group of loyal, strong, and caring men. Yet, unfortunately, they did rub Phaliasia in the wrong way, driving her to eliminate Stephen during a test with no clear reasoning whatsoever apart from the fact he was a strong contender.

Are Stephen and Chase Still Friends?

Of course! In fact, not only are Stephen and Chase still friends, but they’re actually the best of friends as well as business partners – they launched Let’s Get Moving as a moving company alongside two other friends in their city in 2015. However, recently, partly owing to the incredible success they’d been garnering on TikTok for their creative content over the past year, they made the strategic move to pivot their business into full-time digital influencing. In other words, with massive scope for the future, they are now influencers working under the banner of Let’s Get Moving Boys.

“We started a moving business to help make money to allow us to do what we wanted to do next,” Head Creative of LGM Boys Stephen recently conceded, “It served its purpose, so we are moving onto the next thing — and we’re doing it together.” To this, Chase added, “Closing the moving company happened slowly. It evolved to us being less involved, and it is difficult to expand a business and expect the same level of quality. Moving is just a lot of work to make a little bit of money, and we are able to be more profitable with content creation.” As a result, they are all now able to give not just one another but also their passion for rugby and their families a lot of quality time too.

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