Phalisia and Ashley From Squid Game Remain Friends

As a reality series that we can only describe as equal parts baffling, entertaining, humbling, and shocking in every sense of the term, Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge‘ is absolutely unlike any other. That’s because despite it not having the life or death factor involved, it is incredible enough to give the original South Korean series a run for its money with the intricate contests as well as people involved. Although the two players to intrigue us the most throughout this original owing to their surprising interpersonal connection were actually Phalisia Boote (Player 229) and Ashley Tolbert (Player 278) – so now, if you simply wish to learn more about them, we’ve got you covered.

Phalisia and Ashley’s Squid Game Journey

Despite the fact that Phalisia and Ashley connected quite early on in the game, they kept their heads low by merely observing people for the first half of the game before making their presence known in arguably the most explosive manner – with the former eliminating three others. This was definitely a power move, yet for her friend Ashley, it was nothing but scary since there was a possibility Phalisia herself could’ve been eliminated in this test, and then she essentially ensured there’d be a target on their backs. Yet, the aspect to worry her most was her friend’s general well-being.

We say friend because Phalisia and Ashley had not just formed an alliance; they’d grown into real friends upon sharing details of their personal lives, their guilt of leaving their kids behind to compete in this game, etc. The former actually went as far as to reveal her pregnancy troubles with her wife, which nearly led to their separation, as well as how they reconnected and eventually welcomed a beautiful baby girl into this world. For them, their quest for $4.56 million was not for fame or experience. Instead, it was to secure their kids’ future, build wealth, and prove to them anybody can do anything.

However, Phalisia and Ashley’s friendship tested to the extreme when the two found themselves on opposite sides of the game of Marbles. It should be noted that Ashley had been highly distraught about the possibility that Phalisia might get eliminated during the Second Dormitopry Elimination Test. Hence, the prospect that she might be responsible for her exit from the multi-million prize series was something that was hard for Ashley to grasp. Their on-screen separation was heartbreaking, especially with the evident affection that had blossomed between the two.

Are Phalisia and Ashley Still Friends?

With such similar ambitions, beliefs, viewpoints, and hopes for the future, it’s honestly no surprise that Phalisia and Ashley connected on a deeper level. So, we’re happy to report that it actually appears as if they’re still great friends who try to share nearly every aspect of their lives with one another to this day. This much is actually evident through their respective social media platforms, which unveil the fact they mutually follow one another and often show their support to everyone through likes as well as comments. In other words, despite Phalisia thriving as a public figure/entrepreneur in Colorado and Ashley serving as a Civil Rights Investigator in Georgia, they’ve managed to remain in complete contact to this day.

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