Phalisia Boothe: Squid Game Player 229 is an Entrepreneur Today

Although Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge‘ is more about carrot than stick, the truth is the stakes are arguably just as high because the cash prize at the end amounts to a massive $4.56 million. It thus comes as no surprise each contender makes it clear they’re ready to do everything in their power to remain the last one standing, even if it means having to be cunning from the get-go. Amongst them was actually Phalisia Boothe (Player 229), whose decision to stay well away from the limelight during the first few games worked wonders as she avoided anyone noticing her intelligence.

The truth is Phalisia followed this strategy because she wanted to prove not only to herself but also to her wife as well as daughter that anyone can do anything they really put their mind to. In other words, she wanted to be a source of pure motivation — she did feel guilty for having to leave them behind for weeks on end, yet she found peace in the fact she was doing this for them. “I just miss my daughter,” she admitted at one point in the series. “I just hope that she’s not like – – my daughter’s not thinking, ‘Where’s Mommy?’ I hope she’s just calm… I’m only doing this for her.”

Phalisia then added that despite everything, she believes her immediate family is genuinely rooting for her owing to the way they’ve already carefully faced their fair share of ups and downs in life. So, empowered with this perspective, she volunteered for tests following Game 3, only for it to work perfectly in her favor as she got to boot three players without any direct consequence on herself. Now, if you simply wish to learn more about her — with a particular focus on both her current standing and her familial experiences over the years — we’ve got all the necessary details for you.

Where is Phalisia Now?

It was reportedly back around early 2017 when Colorado native Phalisia first got involved with Valerie Booth, only for them to soon fall so head over heels they decided to build a family together. But alas, things didn’t pan out in the way they’d expected since several failed attempts at intrauterine insemination (IUI) had made them reach the brink of divorce — that’s how hard this process was. Nevertheless, per the former’s own narrative, they subsequently made a conscious decision to work on themselves as a couple before moving ahead with anything, which thankfully worked.

“We took a break on just trying and focusing on us,” Phalisia said in the original. “Getting back to loving one another and enjoying one another, and we got to another point in our life where we were ready.” That’s when they were able to welcome a beautiful daughter into their lives — the former gave birth to this baby girl of theirs on September 9, 2021, making her 2 years old today. In fact, on her recent birthday, she actually took to Instagram to make their dedication to her clear, “Keep your fierce attitude!! Keep being brave. Keep being your silly, fun self! We will always protect you and allow you to be you!”

In other words, Phalisia is a happily married, working mother of one at the moment, all aspects of which she genuinely seems to enjoy. Coming to her professional standing, from what we can tell, this Kaplan Business School graduate used to be a Leasing Agent Supervisor, yet now she’s a podcaster plus the proud owner of a cleaning company named Key Sweepz. This firm is thus Black Owned, Woman Owned, and Queer Owned, promising perfection at every step of the way. With her background in real estate, she actually “knows every monotonous process of renting a home or an office space and I have additionally worked for many professional commercial cleaning services and noticed a lot of cut corners. This is the whole reason I started Key Sweepz; cleaning be done right the first time!”

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