Rick Mercurio: Where is Squid Game Player 232 Now?

Despite the huge cast of Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge,’ there were certain contestants who stood out from the rest quite easily and left us rooting for them. One such player was Richard “Rick” Mercurio, AKA Player 232, who was one of the very few people who did not seem to be playing the competition to win. More than once, the participant emphasized how much he was enjoying the whole experience and the close companionship he had found with fellow cast members.

In fact, Rick’s dedication to helping his allies was so great that even the idea that he might have unknowingly contributed to his friend’s elimination had shaken him to his core. Fortunately, that particular fear never came true, though it did give viewers a good insight into just what kind of man he was. Additionally, his quirks reminded people very much of a particular beloved character from the Korean series ‘Squid Game,’ which is the inspiration for the reality show.

Among the many turns and twists that viewers had to weather throughout season 1’s events, Rick’s fate was one that was hard to wrap one’s head around, especially with a certain amount of mystery still hanging about him in regard to the game that he and Stephen Lomas had played earlier without anyone knowing. As such, many of the show’s fans are very eager to know about the latest happenings in Rick’s life, something we are happy to explore.

Rick Mercurio Still Works as a Physician

Following the game of Red Light Green Light in season 1 of ‘Squid Game: The Challenge,’ Rick Mercurio was the oldest among all contestants who had come to take part in the Netflix competition. Celebrating his 69th birthday in the company of his friends/competitors, Rick shared how he was going to use his age as an excuse to make him appear non-threatening. However, it soon became evident that he was a man to watch out for and was certainly smart when it counted.

A graduate of the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University, Rick has been a part of the medical field for a very long time. In the Netflix reality show, he was often referred to as “Doc,” given his profession as a doctor. That said, he certainly had a surprise in store for both viewers and his fellow players when he revealed that he was no stranger to tattoos. “People are quite surprised that I have some rather large tattoos,” he shared. “I have one that encompasses my whole right lower leg up to my thigh. It’s the story of my life. It’s a tribute to my family. Most people think doctors, older doctors, don’t do those kinds of things. I mean, my hobbies are too numerous to count.”

During his free time, Rick enjoys growing orchids and is quite proud of a “large life-sized” orchid flower that he has tattooed on his leg that contains initials for all of his grandchildren. Given that Rick has quite a big family with eighteen grandchildren, his tattoo is quite filled, though he hopes to have more grandchildren in the future. In fact, two of his grandsons went to their first communion in May of 2023.

As for his professional life, Rick is a physician based in Kittanning, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. Seemingly affiliated with Armstrong Center for Medicine and Health as well as UPMC St. Margaret Emergency Department, he is a well-respected doctor who is known for his expertise in geriatrics and seemingly also serves as a family doctor. When not working hard, Rick enjoys spending time with his family, whom he loves very much. He is also an animal lover and proud beekeeper who often updates social media with news relevant to both fronts.

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