Purna Biswa: Squid Game Player 031 is Now an Engineer

If there’s only one word we can ever use to describe player 031 Purna Biswa from Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge,’ it would have to be optimistic considering the way he’s gone through life. His fellow cast member/competitor Roland Hannigan (aka player 418) actually laid it out perfectly when he portrayed the former as someone with a “super positive, like, goofball energy to him.”Roland then added, “He’s never looking for the bad in people. He’s never looking for the bad in the situation. He’s just happy to be here,” which honestly says a lot about him in more ways than one.

The fact Purna is sanguine really makes him kind, considerate, as well as empathic, especially when it comes to others’ emotional and psychological needs, making him rather perfect for this show. It thus comes as no surprise he was only a part of the incredible Gganbu Gang alliance, but everybody else loved him too — it’s how he managed to stick around until suddenly eliminated in a test of sheer luck. So now, if you simply wish to learn more about him — with a specific focus on his background, his experiences, plus his current standing — we have got all the necessary details for you.

Where is Purna Biswa Now?

Since Purna was born in Nepal back in 1992 to relatively new refugees hoping to build better lives for their loved ones, he has admittedly faced more than his fair share of struggles growing up. “I was there for 16 years,” he candidly asserted in the original production. “We never had any electricity, and it was very poor medical care. It was a tough life. I have seen people dying from a fever or simple diseases, and I have seen people struggle for food like what they’re going to eat the next day. I thought that was normal.”

Purna continued, “I thought that’s what life was. Yet now, when I see, when I look back, I realize how tough it was, and I need to be the hope for people who are still struggling and who are still fighting every day for food, for their life.” Therefore, with a sense of determination, he relocated to Kansas-Missouri as a teen, where he not only completed his primary studies but also enrolled at the University of Missouri-Kansas City to pursue a Bachelor’s in Computer Science.

It was actually in 2016 that Purna earned his degree with full credits, just to then evolve into an adjunct professor at the Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary before finally working toward his dreams. From what we can tell, the 30-year-old has always been passionate about the public as well as the entertainment industries, so today, he serves as a professional actor, photographer, public speaker, and writer, all the while keeping his day job as a Cloud Solution Specialist III at Hyland. In other words, this Kansas resident is a man of many hats, and there’s no stopping him anytime soon.

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