Jada: Squid Game Player 097 is Now a Marketing Coordinator

Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge‘ has many elements that have helped it become as popular as it is. From highly engaging games to relatable contestants, the series uses the best elements from ‘Squid Game‘ to ensure entertainment for all. Many of the viewers of season 1, in fact, could not help but be intrigued by some of the cast members like Jada (Player 097), whose performance in the show was certainly a unique one, and her added insights allowed the public to like her even more.

While Jada may not have seemed like a very prominent force in the start, preferring to stay away from the limelight, her strategy certainly helped her progress significantly far in the show. With participants getting evicted left and right, the fact that she remained in the competition for so long is truly commendable. Apart from her prowess as a player of the actual games, Jada also became close with some of her fellow competitors, allowing her to secure allies should they all need to work together.

Of course, in a show like this one, unpredictability is perhaps the only thing one can rely on. Hence, Jada had to work extra hard to ensure that the odds remained ever in her favor. Now that the competition is long over and the world is getting more and more interested in the events that took place, a significant number of viewers are curious about the current whereabouts of Jada.

Where is Jada Now?

While participating in ‘Squid Game: The Challenge,’ Jada opened up quite a bit about her personal life, including the origins of her name. “Jada actually means, you know, ‘the gift of knowing,’ and I swear there’s no coincidence that my parents named me that because I literally know everything before it happens,” the reality TV contestant shared. “I can read people really well. I know when someone’s lying like that [snaps fingers]. I know when someone is not being trustworthy. So, I think, in this game, that would definitely be my advantage.”

Perhaps Jada’s progress in the show can indeed be attributed to her skills with character perception and attention to detail. After all, she was among the few who noticed the very first time that Lorenzo (Player 161) had doubled back for an additional share of food shortly after everyone had moved into the dormitory. During her time in the show, Jada maintained how she insisted on remaining focused on the final prize and apparently felt no urge to capture everyone’s attention by trying to prove herself as the best one in the game.

Flying under the radar certainly helped Jada not only assess her competition nicely but also ensure that she was not at the forefront of anyone’s mind when the contestants got the power to eliminate someone either by voting or through different tests. The reality TV star lives in New Jersey’s Ocean County and has every reason to be impressed with how she played the game, given how far she went into the competition. As of writing, she works as a Marketing Coordinator and has amassed an impressive fan following.

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