Kailea Gray: Former 7M Member is Thriving as a Videographer Today

In Netflix’s ‘Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult,’ the details about the dark side of the 7M Films talent agency and Shekinah Church are put under the spotlight. While the primary focus is on the story and experiences of Miranda and her family, many other dancers who were once a part of the shady organization also share their experiences, including claims of sexual and physical abuse. One of the former members was Kailea Grey, the partner of the dancer Kevin “Konkrete” Davis Jr., who came to the realization that the church/talent agency is a front for a cult run by Robert Shinn.

Kailea Gray Departed From the Agency After the Allegations Surfaced

Alongside her then-boyfriend, Kevin “Konkrete” Davis Jr., Kailea Gray also became a member of the Shekinah Church and 7M Films talent agency. Thanks to his passion for dancing, he crossed paths with Kailea at the shooting of one of his music videos. As sparks flew between the two dancers, they fell head over heels in love with one another and began dating. After getting associated with Robert Shinn’s organization, Kailea and Kevin were invited to a dinner party at his house, where other members had also gathered. All dressed up, Kailea went to the party expecting a regular party, but it did not turn out as she had hoped, as there were talks of religion.

In exchange for being part of the 7M Films agency, the couple was provided with a house in Los Angeles with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Their property also consisted of two music studios and two dance studios. Creating content for social media was also convenient for them, as all the necessary equipment was in the house, and a professional was assigned to do the edits. When allegations about the agency being a cult began circulating, Kailea was worried about her and her partner’s future. The couple’s suspicions about the organization increased even more when Robert Shinn demanded all the members to sign an NDA. Then, they decided to cut ties with the church and the talent agency altogether and walked away.

Where is Kailea Gray Now?

Since her departure from 7M Films in 2022, Kailea Gray has made significant strides in her personal as well as professional life. The excellent dancer and her husband, Kevin “Konkrete” Davis Jr. (who also left the talent agency around the same time), are focused on building a better life for themselves and their beloved son with special needs. Honoring the commitment they made when they tied the knot, the two had each other’s back and got past the experience, ultimately managing to turn over a new leaf for a better life. Besides the professional front, Kailea received the support of Konkrete in the professional aspect as well. In 2022, the duo catered a class called Content Brunch to share their gifts with the world.

Over the years, Kailea has worked hard to hone her craft and upgrade her skills as a video creator and photographer. She is proud of her artistic vision and often flaunts the beauty of her subjects by sharing her captures on her social media platforms. Her forever muse, Konkrete, usually aids in expanding her photography portfolio by serving as her model. From developing concepts, capturing moments, and employing her creativity during the editing process, she can do it all! Not only that, but she is also never hesitant to step on the other side of the line and pose for the cameras.

Expressing her love for the craft, Kailea wrote, “I just like the camera. Behind, in front of, don’t matta, I love to learn it all.” The 29-year-old artist is based in Sacramento, California today. She is busy strengthening her work profile by delivering impeccable editing assignments and collaborating with artists to curate, film, and edit photo/video projects. She also runs another account that’s focused on food, Kailea’s Kitchen, wherein she posts quick recipes and reviews of the dishes she makes/tries. The mother of one advocates for women’s rights and mental health and is also quite vocal about global socio-political issues. With kindness, joy, guidance, and compassion as her driving force, Kailea is shooting for the stars, and nothing can stop her from fulfilling her dreams.

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