Kevin “Konkrete” Davis: Former 7M Member is Also a Musician Today

Many former members of Shekinah Church and the 7M Films talent agency participated in Netflix’s ‘Dancing For The Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult.’ They all claimed to have been financially defrauded, with some also alleging instances of sexual and physical abuse. One of the individuals who came forward was Kevin “Konkrete” Davis, a dancer who joined 7M without fully understanding the company’s nature. It took him a long time to comprehend the situation and gather the strength to leave the group, and recounting his experiences was difficult.

Kevin “Konkrete” Davis Joined 7M Films Along with His Friends

Kevin “Konkrete” Davis shared that his passion for dance blossomed after discovering KRUMP. KRUMP (Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise) is an expressive, energetic street dance style characterized by free, exaggerated, and highly energetic movements. For Konkrete, something about God speaking through him made him dedicate himself to this art form. He also felt represented and safe because KRUMP is predominantly practiced by African American men, providing him with role models to look up to. In 2018, Konkrete and his friend, James “BDash” Derrick, competed in the second season of ‘World of Dance.’ Konkrete felt empowered and ready to take on the world with his friend.

Around 2020, Konkrete learned that Derrick and some other friends had started working with a talent agency called 7M. The videography and the platform provided by 7M were top-notch and eager to make a mark in the competitive world of social media, Konkrete felt comfortable joining them. As an artist who had yet to find his footing, he was impressed with the work he could accomplish with their support and soon saw a surge in his social media following. He even brought his girlfriend, Kailea Gray, to join him. However, it wasn’t only a short time before things started to feel like they were going south for them.

Konkrete alleged that much of the money he earned ended up with the talent agency and the Shekinah Church, which were inexplicably connected. Significant amounts were taken from his account under various headings, such as agent’s cuts and donations. As a result, he was left with very little of his earnings and lost his financial independence. The agency controlled his bank accounts, and the money flowed out at the discretion of the “mentor” assigned to each artist.

After February 2022, the parents of Miranda Derrick, another member, posted a video alleging that the agency was a cult. Many publications picked up on these allegations, investigated them, and made similar allegations, stating that the church and agency’s activities were suspicious. This was something Konkrete could not ignore. During one of the church sessions, when founder Robert Shinn allegedly asked the members to sign an NDA, Konkrete felt that what he had read was true. He and his girlfriend decided to exit without much hassle.

Where is Kevin “Konkrete” Davis Now?

The real struggle for Konkrete began after he left the organization, as he felt disconnected from something he once loved. He no longer enjoyed dancing and believed that the only way to rediscover himself mentally and physically was to return to KRUMP. Now, he is a KRUMP Creative Director, performing at live events and teaching classes, workshops, and tutorials. Additionally, he has established himself as a musician, releasing albums such as ‘Timeless,’ ‘Itz Just Buck,’ ‘Self Destruk,’ and more.

Konkrete had the opportunity to perform at the Oscars in 2024, marking a significant milestone in his career. His workshops and performances on platforms like Beast Camp and BVCK OGs have been highly successful, showcasing his talent and dedication to KRUMP. Additionally, he has built a solid digital presence, and collaborations with prestigious brands like Louis Vuitton and Tommy Hilfiger are now within reach. In April 2024, he also did went to Rotterdam, Germany and London for the WLDLF tour.

After leaving 7M, Konkrete struggled with his faith, losing touch with the church and beginning to believe that all churches were terrible. It was challenging as he grappled with his disillusionment and the loss of a community he once trusted. However, his wife, Kailea Gray, played a crucial role in his healing process. Her support and understanding helped him find peace and restore his faith in a more personal and meaningful way. The two of them are parents now to a son with special needs and are finding the trust and healing that has helped them both.

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