Kamil and Paula: Is the Love Never Lies Poland S2 Couple Still Together?

Known for unexpected revelations and truthful confessions, Netflix’s ‘Love Never Lies: Poland’ is one dating show that the world cannot miss out on. Featuring several Polish couples, the series gives them a chance to mend their differences and overcome the issues that might be hindering the growth of their connection. For season 2 participants Kamil and Paula, the opportunity highlighted many underlying issues and became an excellent example of just how much lying can affect a relationship. As such, the world has become quite curious about whether or not they are still in a relationship.

Kamil and Paula’s Love Never Lies: Poland Journey

Entering the Netflix series, Kamil and Paula had to address several issues that had been simmering between them. The initial disagreement was the fact that Kamil often used Paula as an excuse to get out of outings he didn’t want to. This had led his friends to believe that Kamil was under Paula’s thumb, which she did not appreciate. It was also revealed that Paula sometimes felt that she deserved someone better, especially after Kamil’s actions ended up hurting her and her mental health.

Another topic brought up between Kamil and Paula was the former’s close connection with a long-distance relationship. Paula commented that they often discussed meetings that were to be hidden from her, which made her wonder if there was more to their relationship than she knew about. After the two were separated into different villas, Kamil was introduced to Natalia, but Paula did not feel much threatened by her presence at first. However, she did feel upset when Kamil stated that she had made him stop talking to his female friends, though Paula insisted that this was because of the suggestive nature of the messages between the two.

The situation only got complicated when it was revealed to Paula that the photos that Kamil had received from his friend and he had deleted were actually explicit in nature. This only made Paula more furious, especially given that Kamil had tried to lie about it. There was also a comment that insinuated that Kamil would never have been with Paula had she has been taller, which left Paula even more heartbroken. The devastation only increased when it was revealed that Kamil might have been holding off on an engagement due to the words of the same friend that Paula had been leery about.

Ultimately, the time came for Kamil and Paula to swap villas, and the latter started to grow closer to Olek. The budding connection between the two and Paula’s comments about how she deserved a guy better than Kamil made her wonder about her relationship’s future. Later, Kamil also learned about another man who had confessed to loving Paula after she started dating him. It also became evident that Paula remained hurt about how Kamil had deleted the pictures from his friend but had not seemed contrite enough about it. The additional revelation that Paula felt more comfortable with Olek and the fact that Paul had referred to Kamil as her ex also made him even more determined to save their relationship.

Kamil and Paula Amicably Separated

In the season 2 reunion of ‘Love Never Lies: Poland,’ Kamil and Paul confessed that they were not together anymore. However, they also confessed that the dynamic between them at that point was better than ever. The two actually live together in the same house as Sandra and her friends, but the connection between them is strictly platonic in nature. Though the end of their relationship was undoubtedly hard on them, Kamil and Paula seem to have come out on the other side stronger than ever.

In fact, Kamil revealed that he was in a relationship with someone else and was enjoying his time with his new partner. It was revealed that Paula was also on good terms with Kamil’s new girlfriend, though the fact that they lived together despite being exes often did complicate things for him. Paula herself is single but seems content about everything. She reaffirmed her connection with Kamil, and it was an amicable one. It seems like the two have been trying to improve in the areas that they realized they needed to work on, thanks to their time on the show.

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