Karen Anderson and Josie Atkins: Haley Anderson’s Mother and Friend Are Now Moving On

When Haley Anderson suddenly disappeared without a trace left behind in March 2018 with graduation right around the corner, it honestly left her entire community shaken to its very core. That’s because, as carefully explored in Hulu’s ‘Death in the Dorms: Haley Anderson,’ it later came to light she’d been killed by fellow nursing student/her on-again-off-again partner Orlando Tercero. They weren’t exclusive, as per her mother Karen as well as best friend Josie Artin, but they had dated, only for him to soon become obsessed until the point of no return, shattering their hearts.

Who Are Karen Anderson and Josie Artin?

While it’s true Haley was Karen’s only daughter and was uber excited to do wonders by helping others through nursing care, she also knew how to have a good time, part, and date around. However, neither her mother nor her roommate/close friend could’ve ever expected that this would lead her to lose her life just before she was to start a job near her hometown on New York’s Long Island. The truth is Haley was to attend an event at a local bar with her friends where Josie was to give a poem on March 8, 2018, only for her to not show up without informing beforehand.

Josie Artin, Haley Anderson, and friend Mishela Topalli

It wasn’t like Haley to stand her friend up and it wasn’t like her to leave texts plus phone calls unanswered either, which is why they soon decided to track her phone using the Find My Friends app. That’s when Josie and another friend learned she was at Orlando Tercero’s place, which was merely a block away from her own place, driving them to go there in search of her friend. Once they arrived, they noticed it appeared empty and no one answered the door, but knowing Haley’s phone was inside, they decided to climb in through a window anyway, just to find their friend dead in his bed.

Of course, they immediately dialed 911, unaware the police had already been called by Orland’s sister after he’d left her a concerning voicemail – yet they’d left once no one answered the door as nothing seemed too suspicious during their welfare check. Little did any of them know he’d already bought a one-way ticket from JFK International Airport to Nicaragua – his homeland; he had dual citizenship as he’d been born in Florida but raised in Nicaragua. Hence of course Karen worried about him possibly having gotten away with murder for the longest time, that is, until he was apprehended by local officials once they came to know the entire story.

Where Are Karen Anderson and Josie Atkins Now?

The truth is Karen and Josie did grow worried once Nicaragua refused to extradite him on the basis of trying him on their soil itself, so they were glad when he was ultimately found guilty of murder before being sentenced to their highest term of 30 years behind bars. Since then, from what we can tell, they’ve only been trying their best to move on with their lives while keeping Haley’s memories alive in their hearts. They both now prefer to lead their lives well away from the limelight these days in the hopes of healing to the best of their abilities, but it’s true that their loss still hangs over their head like a dark cloud.

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