Karina Alvarado: Former Councilwoman Now Serves in the Private Sector

With Netflix’s ‘The Guardian of the Monarchs’ exploring the January 2020 demise of environmental activist and politician Homero Gómez González, we get a documentary unlike any other. After all, it not only details the events leading up to the unfortunate discovery of his cold remains but also shines a light upon the criminal condition of his home state of Michoacán, Mexico. Though if we’re being honest, one of the most intriguing individuals to have been mentioned in this original was Erika Karina Alvarado Alcantar since there’s a lot of public suspicion on her.

Who is Karina Alvarado?

Although not much regarding Karina’s early years is public knowledge at the moment, we do know she had a rather comfortable upbringing, considering her father was a government official. It thus comes as no surprise she ultimately took a keen interest in local politics and serving her community, just to end up proudly holding the title of councilwoman for the city of Zitácuaro. Yet little did she know that despite her being favored by then-Governor Silvano Aureoles Conejo as well as then-Government Secretary Carlos Herre ra Tello, she’d end up facing public ridicule.

That’s because once Homero’s body was recovered more than two weeks after he went missing on January 29, 2020, it came to light Karina was arguably among the last people to see him alive. This duo, along with several other local politicians, had actually attended a local fair’s closing day for socializing purposes, only for her assistant to walk away with the former’s personal devices. According to a witness statement in the aforementioned film, the environmentalist didn’t even leave his phone and tablet behind to dance, yet her colleagues have asserted he forgot them at a drink station.

“It seems weird to me that if we were all together, and I see you leave so mething behind, I would give it to you right away, no?” Homero’s friend plus then-Ocampo trustee Elizabeth Guzman said. She then added it was Karina who took these devices and handed them to her assistant, just for him to then presumably keep them for safekeeping — but alas, none of this can be confirmed because he was somehow killed less than six months later. Moreover, it’s imperative to note she has since refused to talk about this case in any manner and even took out a writ of protection order to be exempt from any related police interrogation and questioning.

Where is Karina Alvarado Today?

From what we can tell, it appears as if Karina Alvarado is still based in Zitácuaro, Michoacán in Mexico, where she continues to serve her community while also now working in the private sector. In fact, her social media platforms indicate that though she might not be an official councilwoman anymore, she still tries to do her best for the development of her people and her overall nation. Then, coming to her work in the private sector, she’s actually a marketing professional as well as an admin member at Tecnológico de Monterrey, a private research university in Monterrey, Mexico.

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