Karlene Davidson: Terry Sanderson’s Ex-Girlfriend Has Now Moved On

Image Credit: Court TV

With HBO Max’s ‘Gwyneth vs Terry: The Ski Crash Trial’ living up to its title in nearly every way conceivable, we get an intriguing and entertaining reality documentary film that is truly unlike any other. After all, it carefully blends archival footage with exclusive interviews to explore the way actress Gwyneth Paltrow and retired optometrist Terry Sanderson handled the aftermath of a 2016 accident they’d been involved in. Amongst those to thus contribute to this narrative was the latter’s then-partner, Karlene Davidson — so now, if you wish to learn more about her as well as her current standing, here’s what we know.

Who is Karlene Davidson?

It was reportedly back around 2014 when Karlene Davidson came across Montana native turned Idaho resident turned Utah townie Terry for the first time, just for them to soon fall utterly head over heels in love. She was hence well aware of his decades-long passion for skiing by February 26, 2016, yet that fateful day was different as she saw her always perfect boyfriend uncharacteristically disheveled, per the original. She later testified that although he almost immediately claimed he’d gotten into an accident with a fellow skier right on the icy slopes, he looked as if he’d “been hit by a truck” — that’s how bad he was.

Karlene then went on to detail the way their 18-month relationship by this point had been filled with romantic adventures, fun parties, and cozy world travels, only for things to begin fizzling out. Though this change wasn’t gradual, it was instantaneous — according to her, he came home a different man after Gwyneth Paltrow allegedly plowed into him before walking away without a word. Terry apparently told her all these specific attributes because he still considered her a part of his being, but then he was also quick to anger as well as push her away like “he had no joy left in his life.”

The truth is Karlene and Terry were so incredibly happy with one another she thought they were moving towards the path of forever through an engagement, yet the accident altered everything. Roughly eight months later, he called it quits — while holding back tears, he testified, “In my choice, I wouldn’t have [let her go], but… I had to tell her to leave. I said, ‘I’m not asking, now I’m telling you to leave. You gotta leave,'” all because he felt he wasn’t good enough for her any more with the apparent brain damage he’d endured from the ski crash. Nevertheless, when the time came in early 2023 for his $300,000 civil case against Gwyneth to go to trial, she not just showed up to support him but also testified in his favor, sadly to no avail.

Where is Karlene Davidson Now?

In the end, following eight long days of proceedings plus two hours of jury deliberations, Terry was found 100% responsible for the crash, a verdict that honestly shocked Karlene to the very core. She actually believes this ruling was not entirely fair: “I believe the jury had to be slanted in their opinions,” she expressed in the production. “They were skiers and part of the [neighboring] Deer Valley community. [The ski town of] Park City didn’t want to lose their celebrity status of stars coming in and participating in what it is they had to offer there.”

As for her own personal standing, from what we can tell, she prefers to keep both her experiences well away from the limelight at the moment, but we do know this Utah resident has since found a new man and appears to be perfectly healthy, happy, and content these days.

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