Are Kate and Anthony in Bridgerton Season 3?

Image Credit: Liam Daniel/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’ follows the romance and drama in the lives of the Bridgertons, a tight-knit family of eight siblings and their mother, who stand by each other while they go through the ups and downs in their lives. The third season shifts the focus toward the third eldest Bridgerton, Colin, and his unexpected feelings for Penelope Featherington, whom he considered nothing more than a friend until the last season, where he claimed that he would never ever date her.

Apart from focusing on Penelope and Colin’s romance, the series also explores Kate and Anthony Bridgerton’s married life. The two of them got married at the end of Season 2 after a turbulent romance, and the third season establishes them as a happily married couple who have a lot more in store when it comes to romance.

Kate and Anthony’s Story Continues in Bridgerton Season 3

Being the head of the Bridgerton family, Anthony Bridgerton remains an essential presence in the story, no matter who takes center stage in the season. The first season of the show focused on the story of Daphne and Simon, and still, Anthony remained an important part of it. The second season shifted the spotlight on him and gave him the happy ending he deserved with Kate Sharma, but with her as the viscountess by his side, a new door has opened for their character development, something that the show continues to explore with the new season.

Newly returned from their honeymoon, Kate and Anthony resume their position as the overseers of the Bridgerton household. For Anthony, it means slipping back into a familiar role, but for Kate, it’s quite a new thing. By the time we meet her again in the first episode of Season 3, she is still learning the ropes of her role as viscountess and, much like Anthony, seems more intent on continuing the bliss of her newly married life rather than assuming all the responsibilities her new position calls for.

Because Kate and Anthony are still in their honeymoon phase, the show uses it as the opportunity to cleverly slide them out of focus, lest they steal attention from Colin and Penelope, who are the leads of the season. To keep them in the story but not have them take away the spotlight, the show repeats the formula of Season 2, where Daphne appeared in a supporting role, becoming an integral part of the story but staying on the sidelines. This made her cameo even more exciting from the story’s point of view.

In the third season, the show uses the first episode to give the audience a glimpse into Anthony and Kate’s newly married life but also sets the stage for their absence from most, if not the rest, of the season. They are cleverly removed from the context, reserved to be brought back later in the season when they are needed, especially when it comes to the drama that will surely escalate in context with Colin and Penelope’s relationship. When the family is once again on the brink of a scandal, it will make sense for Anthony and Kate to come back into the picture and assume their mantle as the heads of the family and save the Bridgertons from ruin.

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