12 Best Katherine Heigl Movies and TV Shows

Katherine Heigl is a good actress. I have laid down this statement right in the beginning, because I am well aware of the fact that over a period of a-25-year-long career, she has done some pretty crappy films. Maybe that’s because she has a poor choice in movies, or because she was, early in her career, stereotyped as a rom-com actress. She did try to break out of that shell, but unfortunately it didn’t quite work out. And it is not because she is not talented. She has tried a hand at almost every kind of role an actor can ask for- a reporter, a homosexual person, a wedding planner(!), a psychopath, a stalker, a doctor! Here’s the list of top 12 Katherine Heigl movies and TV shows.


12. One for the Money (2012)

Alright! So maybe, you can skip this one. It is perhaps one of the most boring films she has ever done. The only reason I put this on the list is because her character in this film, i.e, Stephanie Plum, was different from her other ones. So, Stephanie is unemployed and she is in desperate need to get her life together. She seeks assistance from her cousin who hires her as a bail enforcement agent, knowing that she has no prior training in anything that the job requires! (That’s a shitty cousin, for sure.) Heigl tried to be good and she tried to make the film better, but it was just not written well.


11. Killers (2010)

This one has Ashton Kutcher. And it is because he is the worst thing about this film that makes Heigl the best. This film had all the right elements: a spy, a love story and a bit of thriller. All it needed was some good laughs, and Kutcher crushed that! The fact that this film didn’t tank at the box-office must have been some relief, because it miserably failed with critics. It hangs somewhere between okay and bad, and this balance is all because of Heigl.


10. Knocked up (2007):

Some people might question my decision of putting this film lower in the list. It has a higher approval rating otherwise. But I guess, it just got too vulgar for me. If you set aside the things that were supposed to be funny, it had a rather sensitive issue at its core. A one-night stand lands a just-promoted Alison Scott into pregnancy, and Ben Stone is not exactly the kind of person she is looking for. But she decides to keep the baby anyway, and what follows is the story of how two people, poles apart, try to make things work.


9. Jackie and Ryan (2014):

Starring alongside Ben Barnes (another decent actor), Heigl was a single mother, falling in love with a wannabe musician, in this romantic drama. This was different from her other works because it took a rather mellow tone. It was a charming film and had the potential of turning out better. Heigl definitely got to be a bit more serious, dropping her comic persona and trying something different for a change.


8. Life as We Know It (2010)

Holly Berenson and Eric Messer are unwantedly bound together when the parents of their god-daughter, Sophie, die in a car-crash. They have to find a way to keep aside their dislikes for each other to give Sophie the home she deserves. Though this was a clichéd film, it profited from Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel’s chemistry. It had some good funny moments and a rather realistic touch to its characters. This is one of the films you can watch on a date- a decent, heart-warming romantic comedy.


7. The Ugly Truth (2009)

Another film that was a stereotypical comedy, but was saved by the incredible chemistry between its characters. Heigl’s Abby Richter believes in textbook true love, but Gerard Butler’s Mike Chadway thinks otherwise. If it wasn’t for Butler’s Scottish charm and the well-timed comedy of the lead actors, it would have been a disaster.

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