Kathy Pires and Sherrie Calgaro: Where Are Mary Day’s Sisters Now?

It was back on July 15, 1981, when everything for Kathy Pires and Sherrie Calgaro turned upside down as their eldest sister, Mary Louise Day, suddenly disappeared without a trace left behind. The truth is this duo believed she’d been murdered because their parents hadn’t even filed a missing person’s report, as explored in CBS’ ’48 Hours: What Ever Happened to Mary Day,’ only to soon be proven utterly wrong. So now, if you simply wish to learn more about the same — with a particular focus on the sisters, their hand in the matter, as well as their current standing — we’ve got the essential details for you.

Who Are Kathy Pires and Sherrie Calgaro?

While it’s true Mary, Kathy, and Sherrie were born in wondrous Little Falls, New York, to Charlotte Pressler Day and Charles Day in this precise order, their early years were sadly not at all easy. That’s because they spent it in and out of the foster care system owing to their mother just not being able to provide for them in the right manner, and then she divorced her husband for good too. Little did this trio know she’d end up tying the knot with a man named William Houle a mere short bit later, whose subsequent 1975 decision to enlist in the army inadvertently enabled her to retain full, permanent custody of her kids.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), this did not include Sherrie because she’d already been adopted by one of her foster families at the age of six — she thus grew up as a Walts while still keeping in contact with her birth family. This youngster obviously dislikes the fact she got separated from her siblings so young, yet she also genuinely appreciates the upbringing she received as compared to the abuse her sisters did. It was their stepfather William who used to raise his hands, so she did feel off upon hearing about the disappearance in 1981, especially as Kathy later said they weren’t allowed to talk of Mary either.

Sherrie hence began searching for answers in any way she could, only to ultimately learn Kathy was actually a witness to the night Mary vanished and the full-blown fight she’d had with William. Then, with Charlotte once proclaiming she knew of several locations in California wherein one could hide a corpse, never to be found again, she wholeheartedly began believing Mary had been slain. Her elder sister Kathy was in the same boat, which is why she allegedly didn’t even hesitate to give her detailed account to investigators once they finally began looking into the matter at Sherrie’s behest in 2002.

Sherrie had first filed a missing person’s report in 1992 as an adult before contacting the authorities again in 2002 in the hopes of renewing their interest because inquiries from the initial brief probe had led nowhere. However, this time around, just as they were getting ready to bring criminal charges against Charlotte as well as William, Mary herself turned up all the way in Phoenix, Arizona, to close the case. Obviously, neither sister believed her claims at first due to her sheer inability or unwillingness to open up about the past 22 years, but DNA tests confirmed her identity with a 99% match.

Though Kathy, who’d actually been kicked out of home at 14, still didn’t trust this Mary because the latter couldn’t remember their code word “Mohawk” for their plan to escape their dysfunctional family. Sherrie, on the other hand, accepted the former after much back and forth in terms of her sudden southern accent, alcoholism, suicidal tendencies, plus likely multiple personality disorder. She’d reportedly housed this Mary at her home for nearly a year so as to reconnect as well as help her get back on her feet with some of their inheritance money, but it did not pan out in the way she’d expected as she soon left.

Where Are Kathy Pires and Sherrie Calgaro Now?

If we’re being honest, Kathy and Sherrie still have a lot of unanswered questions regarding their sister’s disappearance, but they’ve recently been trying to move on to the best of their abilities. They do want to know precisely what’d transpired and why, yet they’ve seemingly come to terms with the fact they might never learn the entire truth, especially as Mary has since passed away from cancer. So today, it appears as if the surviving sisters are only trying to focus on their interpersonal connection as well as the families they’ve lovingly built over the years — while Kathy is a proud married mother based out of Connecticut, Sherrie is the proud family woman-artist residing in North Carolina.

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