Where Are Katie and Kolton From ‘Marrying Millions’ Now?

In a time of reality TV shows and much of its sensationalism, it is hard to find ones that stick with us for a long time. You know the show has been good if you are committed to seeing their journey till the very end. In such light came Lifetime’s ‘Marrying Millions,’ a reality TV show with its own twist of events. The show transported us to the lives of six couples who saw their love turn upside down while soaring through many social obstacles.

These individuals who came from varying walks of life, predominantly with different bank balances, saw their voyage in the show riddled with problems they needed to overcome before they could walk down the aisle. If you are one of those committed viewers who stuck till the very end, you would definitely want to know what Katie and Kolton are up to know.

How did Katie and Kolton Meet?

Katie, Josh Hamilton’s ex-wife, met Kolton through her daughter. 37-year-old Katie and 23-year-old Kolton bonded through patience and being able to communicate easily. They also formed a secure connection based on their shared history of loved ones going through substance abuse. The couple was only dating for a few months before they came on ‘Marrying Millions.’ The two seemed to have fewer issues regarding money and more issues concerning their age gap. This caused quite the rift in both their lives. Katie’s family and Kolton’s family had their inhibitions regarding this relationship.

Needless to say, them coming out in the open about their relationship caused them to undergo much scrutiny. The couple who almost broke it off during the show saw Katie’s daughter intervene to give them a chance to make amends. However, the couple’s relationship status at present is a thing of much curiosity for many who rooted for this couple.

Katie and Kolton: Where Are They Now?

Katie seems to be busy living the life of an author and an influencer. Her social media is covered with videos of her speaking in, ‘When Life Throws You a Curve, and How To Make Adjustments.’ She is still an ardent believer of Christ. In most of her videos, she continues to share what went down with her ex-husband Josh Hamilton and how all of it impacted her and her children. She considers this to have been her most significant lesson in life. However, it is also interesting to see that she doesn’t mention much of anything in her podcast about Kolton. The two who were once close don’t seem to hold much connection from what we can see on Katie’s social media.


Katie seems focused on her children, one of whom we met quite regularly on the show. Amid Katie’s life as an influencer and a dedicated mom, Kolton seems to be nowhere in sight.

Kolton, who we know is an aspiring hip-hop artist finally has a couple of songs to his credit, most of which are available on Spotify. His top tracks are ‘Gold’ and ‘Chase the Bag.’ Kolton seems to have paved his career path in the music industry. His Instagram page is full of his photos and promo song snippets. None of his social media posts mentions anything about Katie. 


The two might have just hit the end of the road when it comes to their relationship, unless, of course, they are keeping it under the radar. 

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