Katie Gingerich Murder: Where Is Ed Gingerich Now?

Katie Gingerich’s murder on March 18, 1993, shocked the Pennsylvanian Amish community to its core. When the police arrived at the crime scene, they were horrified to find Katie’s mutilated body with her internal organs piled up beside her on the floor. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Murder in Amish Country: The Original Amish Murderer’ chronicles the case and portrays the astonishing circumstances surrounding the brutal slaying. If this case tickles your interest and you want to know if Katie’s killer is still alive, we have you covered.

How Did Katie Gingerich Die?

Katie Gingerich was a respectable member of the Amish community in Rockdale Township, Pennsylvania. She was the bishop’s niece, and locals described her as kind, hardworking, and devout, having the very qualities that the Amish hold in high regard. She was married to Ed Gingerich, and although their relationship was quite happy initially, the show mentioned that things took a dark turn when Ed began questioning their way of life. Still, the locals had no idea about the gruesome murder that was about to change history.

When the police arrived at Katie and Ed’s house on March 18, 1993, they were shocked at the vicious nature of the crime. Katie lay on the floor, and it looked like someone had bashed her head in with a blunt object. Moreover, the body was horribly mutilated as the murderer had cut out all of her internal organs, which were piled up beside the victim on the floor. Later, an autopsy mentioned that the murderer had beaten Katie to death, and from the looks of it, it appeared to be a crime driven by frenzy. Interestingly, nothing appeared stolen, and there was no sign of a forced entry, thus, ruling burglary out.

Who Killed Katie Gingerich?

When police officers reached the crime scene, they came across Katie’s husband, Ed, who had both of the couple’s children with him. However, in a strange turn of events, the show portrayed how Ed confessed to his wife’s murder and claimed that he was the one who had beaten her to death. Although the police wasted no time in taking him into custody, they knew that they had to look further into the matter in order to find out the motive.

Once officers began questioning the Amish community, they learned that Ed had grown disillusioned with the Amish way of life. Thus, the local community thought it would be best to marry Ed and Katie, hoping that she would be able to change his mind. However, the show mentioned that Ed grew increasingly depressed after his wedding and would spend hours at the woodshop he owned and operated. Through the woodshop, Ed even met several people from outside the community who further influenced his thoughts.

Burdened by the Amish way of life and confused by what he heard from others, the show portrayed how Ed lost control of his mental devices. According to the episode, he began hallucinating and almost had a psychotic breakdown that made him visit a psychiatric care center. However, the medicine did nothing to ease his issues, and Ed began believing that his wife was keeping him as a prisoner against his own will.

The show also stated how the couple would often get into altercations, and followed Ed as he went deeper and deeper into a downward spiral that spelled nothing but doom for his mental health. Ultimately, it is believed that on March 18, 1993, Ed somehow lost control of his senses and murdered Katie during one of his psychotic breakdowns. In fact, he even appeared to be quite regretful of his actions once under police custody.

Where Is Ed Gingerich Now?

Although Ed Gingerich was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia while awaiting trial behind bars, the jury found him guilty of involuntary manslaughter. He was sentenced to 2½ to 5 years of imprisonment in 1994. Ed became eligible for parole in 1995, but he served the complete sentence and was finally released on March 19, 1998. Subsequently, reports in January 2011 claimed that Ed was living in Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania, for around six months with his attorney when his deceased body was found hanging at a local barn. An autopsy later declared that Ed died by suicide.

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