Kazuto: Where is The Boyfriend Star Now?

Netflix’s ‘The Boyfriend’ presents a unique challenge to its contestants by housing them together and having them work collaboratively on a coffee cart while staying within a limited budget. As they navigate the everyday hurdles, they also seek to form romantic relationships or friendships. Kazuto, one of the contestants in the first season, initially attracted little attention. However, as time progressed, many of his co-stars began to notice and be drawn to him. His respectful demeanor and effort to present himself in the best possible manner endeared him to the show’s fans, who appreciated his humility and adored him.

Kazuto Impressed His Housemates With His Food

When Kazuto joined the first season, he quickly familiarized himself with the kitchen and took on feeding his housemates. He would get up early and prepare everything from miso soup to eggs, tamagoyaki (Japanese omelet), grilled fish, and natto (fermented soybeans). Despite his culinary contributions, Kazuto kept a low profile as his work often called him away in the middle of the day, leaving little time to get to know the others. On the days he spent at the coffee cart, he chose to take Dai along with him, feeling most comfortable with him and seeing him as a friend.

When Kazuto returned, Alan declared at the table that out of all the people he had met, he felt that Kazuto matched his vibe the most and suggested they talk more. Preferring not to have this conversation in public, Kazuto took Alan outside and told him that he also liked him and would enjoy spending more time together. Shortly after, Usak and Ryota also approached Kazuto and shared that they felt a similar pull toward him. Now, with multiple options on his hands, he can take Alan, Usak, or Ryota on a night out to explore their connections further.

Kazuto is Making Headways as a Chef Today

Kazuto is a dedicated chef who has worked tirelessly to reach his current position. Starting as a kitchen assistant, he gradually moved up the ranks to become a line cook, sous chef, and eventually a chef. His journey was marked by long hours, continuous learning, and an unwavering passion for cooking. Specializing in Japanese cuisine, Kazuto has mastered the art of preparing high-end dishes such as Omakase, Wagyu beef, and Kaiseki. His expertise and dedication to his craft have made him a respected figure in the culinary world, known for his ability to create exquisite and authentic Japanese meals.

Kazuto’s working hours are hectic, with shifts typically running from noon until late at night and he even finds the time to hit the gym frequently. In the series, he shared that despite his demanding work schedule, he is looking for a partner who understands and accepts it. Kazuto expressed that having a supportive companion to come home to after a long day is what he truly needs. Since turning 28 in March 2024, he has focused more on finding a meaningful relationship and settling down.

Kazuto Loves Expressing Himself Through His YouTube Channel

Kazuto has a YouTube channel called Arasa Gay No.5, which he launched in June 2024. Despite its recent inception, the channel has already garnered close to 10,000 followers. On this platform, Kazuto vlogs with his friends, sharing insights about life as a member of the LGBTQ community in his 30s. His content ranges from answering questions and doing goofy challenges to traveling to exciting destinations like Guam. Through Arasa Gay No.5, Kazuto expresses himself authentically, using this medium to increase his visibility and connect with a broader audience.

Kazuto is passionate about exploring his home country, delving into its rich culture and stunning landscapes. He has visited the hot springs in Hottarakashi Onsen, immersing himself in the tranquil and rejuvenating waters. Another highlight of his travels includes visiting the iconic Tokyo Tower, where he enjoyed breathtaking views of the city. Kazuto is also close to his mother and values their time together. On Mother’s Day, he took her to a picturesque spot, creating cherished memories in a beautiful setting. Kazuto’s love for travel and deep family bonds beautifully highlight his appreciation for adventure and cherished relationships.

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