Where Is Keith Hampton Now?

‘Outcry’ is an excellent docuseries on Showtime that ensures that the audience only gets told the hard facts of the 2013 case of sexual assault on a minor, a four-year-old child, along with the experiences and opinions of the other people who are somehow directly or indirectly related to the case and to Greg Kelley, the accused. And one such person, was, of course, Greg’s wildly recognizable attorney, Keith Hampton.

Who Is Keith Hampton?

Keith Hampton is a criminal defense lawyer in Austin, Texas, and one of the most famous ones at that. He has a remarkable track record and has dedicated most of his career to pursuing seemingly unwinnable cases, like that of being defending of Fran and Dan Keller (imprisoned over fantastical claims of satanic abuse). Keith could easily be referred to as the hero in Greg Kelley’s story. However, more than the acute biasness that sometimes lawyers have when they believe their client’s claim of innocence, Keith is one person who focuses on finding the truth most of all. 

It was Keith’s steadfast belief of Greg’s innocence, along with all the evidence that he had gathered over time that made him fight hard for his client’s freedom. Since Greg was only allowed the right to file for a new trial, that’s what Keith did on his behalf, and subsequently amended it a total of three times. The last one even cited a juror’s statement admitting to the fact that they were pressured into voting to convict Greg Kelley. All this began in 2014 itself. And, finally, in mid-2017, Keith got his client a hearing at the conclusion of which, he was released from prison on bond.

The fight was far from over, though. Now, Keith began working towards getting all the charges against his client dropped and getting him exonerated for good. Even though he was working with Greg on close bases, he kept an open mind and ensured that neither of his judgments got clouded by the person whom he was defending. But, when, on November 6, 2019, Greg’s name was cleared, Keith was obviously emotional about it. He had devoted a lot in this case and knew every aspect of it like the back of his hand, so he was just glad that it led somewhere good. 

Where Is Keith Hampton Now?

With regard to the Greg Kelley case, Keith is still involved. Because Greg was wrongfully incarcerated and was liable for compensation worth $250,000, plus annuity, and free college tuition to any university in Texas, a compensation he has not yet fully received, Keith has helped him file a lawsuit against the City of Cedar Park and two of its law enforcement officers. This civil rights lawsuit, filed in early 2020, seeks monetary damages for the torment that Greg went through, along with the mental anguish, the emotional distress, and the impairment of his reputation, among other things.

Keith has been called a lifesaver and was even invited to Greg’s wedding, where he had the honor of announcing the Kelley’s to the world. 

Keith Hampton has been fighting for the defendants’ rights in Texas court for over 25 years. Out of all his cases, over 40 of them have been published in law books. He represents his clients at every step, whether it be an accusation, trial, appeal, or post-conviction proceedings. Most importantly, though, because he believes in justice more than anything else, his first consultation is always free. Right now, Keith Hampton is running for Chief Justice of the Third Court of Appeals and has already won the endorsement of Texas Democrats with Disabilities. (Featured Image Credit: Greg Kelley / Facebook) 

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