Kelcey and Nate: Is the Couple From America’s Sweethearts Still Together?

If there’s only one way former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Kelcey Wetterberg can ever be described, it’d be as an inspiration, considering everything she has had to endure to achieve success. This actually includes tremendous physical challenges, self-imposed or outside noise-driven mental hindrances, as well as a brief separation from the love of her life, Nate Crnkovich. Nevertheless, she faced it all head-on to fulfill her dream of being a 5-time DCC veteran dancer, just to formally retire following 2023 to focus on other aspects of her life too — especially Nate.

Kelcey and Nate Got Together in 2020

While it’s unclear precisely when pediatric nurse Kelcey first came across then-emergency room nurse turned Mister Supranational 2019 Nate, we do know they became an official couple in 2020. After all, she made their romance public via Instagram in late December with a cozy photo of them right in front of a Christmas tree, making it clear they were serious about one another. This was followed by her changing her relationship status on Facebook on January 24, 2021, just for his first post with her in late March to be an image where she’s sitting on his lap, captioned “🍯.”

“Nate’s such a sweetheart,” Kelcey candidly gushed about her boyfriend on Netflix’s ‘America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.’ “He’s kind. He’s charismatic. He’s empathetic. He’s my best friend. He is [also a handsome guy]. He’s very pretty.” However, their connection has not been without ups and downs, primarily because they were both just really focused on their careers for a while, and it was taking them in different directions. According to their own accounts, he was dedicated to pursuing acting in Los Angeles, whereas she was already well settled in Dallas as a DCC girl plus a nurse, making their schedules so hectic they felt as if they barely had time to move forward together.

But alas, the ‘Love at First Like’ star and cheer professional soon realized their relationship carried more significance than anything else, resulting in them ultimately reaching a true compromise. Nate actually put his dream on hold to relocate to Dallas to be with Kelcey, with them having an understanding she’d kind of do the same and follow wherever his path leads once she’d achieved her five-year DCC goal — she has since indicated she’ll do so proudly. It thus comes as no surprise they both seemed more than ready to take the next step in their romance, leading to him planning a beautiful, emotional proposal before truly getting down on one knee for her on September 9, 2023 — she didn’t expect it, but she obviously said yes!

Kelcey and Nate Are Currently Planning Their Wedding

“What a surprise!!!,” Kelcey happily penned while announcing their engagement on Instagram. “Nate, you are the man of my dreams! You make life so bright and full of love. Our love story has brought so much happiness and growth to my life, & now we get to write a new chapter! I’ll love you forever, I can’t wait to be your wife!!!!!” On the flip side, his way of declaring the same was much subtler and cheekier, with him writing, in part, “Mrs. Crnkovich sounds pretty good to me 😉… I love you Kelcey!!!,” Though when read consequitively, the sole thing these captions indicate to us is that sometimes opposites really do attract, only to end up making the best pairings that can last forever — in other words, we are genuinely rooting for this beautiful couple.

Coming to Kelcey and Nate’s precise current standing, from what we can tell, they plan on tying the knot in the ensuing year, all the while living their best possible lives personally and professionally. They haven’t publicly revealed an exact wedding date as of writing, but the professional dancer did give a major clue about it in a birthday post she made for her actor-turned-entrepreneur fiancé in March of this year.

Alongside a couple of beautiful shots of them from their engagement day, Kelcey penned, “Happy birthday to my future husband 🫶🏼 you are the most selfless, kind, and patient man I’ve known. Cheers to 29 & the year we get married 🥂.” As for their exact whereabouts these days, it actually appears as if the registered Pediatric Nurse plus rising public figure and proud owner of the Green Light IV health-wellness brand are still based around the Greater Dallas/Forth Worth area in Texas.

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