Kelly Syring: Where is Taylor Syring’s Mom Now?

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In the episode titled ‘Wave of Deceit: Laura Lee Day’ of ABC News’ ’20/20,’ the primary focus is on the untimely death of Taylor Syring and the hand Laura Lee Day had in it. Claiming that it was just an accident, Laura maintained her innocence throughout the investigation and the exclusive interview for the show. The brunt of the loss of Taylor was mostly felt by his mother, Kelly Syring, who was fresh off of her divorce from David Syring when the tragedy took place. The episode also features an interview with her, letting the viewers know how much the loss of his son affected her.

Kelly Syring Lost Her Son Taylor in an Unfortunate Drowning Incident

Married to David Syring, Kelly Syring gave birth to their son, Taylor Syring, on July 31, 2006, in Corpus Christi, Texas. However, after several years of marriage, cracks began to appear in their marriage by 2012. In the same year, David met Laura Lee Day and had an extramarital affair with her. Soon, by the spring of 2012, the couple was separated, and their divorce was finalized. Speaking about the separation, she opened up, “It was not easy. I was still very much in love with him. I was very angry. (Taylor) was heartbroken.” Just months later, David married Laura, influenced by a clause in the divorce agreement.”

Kelly Syring and Taylor Syring

A few months later, Kelly found out that her ex-husband had already moved on and married Laura in August 2012 in Vegas. After that, Kelly and David seemingly spent time with Taylor in separate houses. On October 5, 2012, Taylor missed his father more than usual and wanted to visit him badly. So, Kelly let him go even though that weekend was not David’s time with him. It turned out to be the last time she saw her son alive as Laura Day picked him up from school that day instead of David.

She took him to the beach and claimed that he had drowned while swimming. Had she known that Laura would be picking Taylor up from school, Kelly said that she would not have let him go. When the doctors at the hospital declared the six-year-old Taylor dead, Kelly noticed that Laura was emotionless. She said, “She was standing there. Just not doing anything. Not crying. Nothing. Just standing there. As if she had the right to be there. All I could do was just cry. Just lay my head on my son, and just cry.”

Kelly Celebrates Taylor’s Life Every Year

Each year after his death, Kelly ensured to celebrate Taylor’s birthday. For his would-be 7th birthday, she hosted a party at Cici’s Pizza with a football-shaped cake. The following year, she celebrated it in a friend’s backyard with a kiddie pool and water balloon fight. In 2015, Kelly didn’t get a chance to host a party like previous years. All she did was eat his favorite meal in an Applebee’s. For his 10th birthday, Taylor’s mother decided to go big and hosted a “splash day” party at the Corpus Christi Natatorium. By celebrating his life, she felt that it helped in her healing. She told Caller-Times, “It puts some kind of normalcy back in my life.”

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She further elaborated, “There’s no guidebook (on how to cope), and there will never be. But if somebody wanted to come out and honor their child’s life, then by all means, let them come out.” A decade after her son’s tragic demise, Kelly admitted that she had forgiven Laura. “That doesn’t mean she needs to come out of jail. Look at that, why should she get off so easy? She gets to spend the rest of her life in a jail cell. Miserable. And as far as my ex-husband… I blame him, too. I do blame him. This is partly his fault. He knew about her past.”

Kelly Syring is a Texas-based Licensed Massage Therapist Today

After earning her license in Swedish and lymphatic massage, Kelly Syring entered the massage therapy industry by getting a job at Angel Hands Massage. By April 2016, she had switched companies and served as a Licensed Massage Therapist at Angleton Rehabilitation & Wellness Center in Angleton, Texas. Talking about her skill set and the services she provides, the center wrote, “Kelly is a licensed massage therapist here at the clinic. She is dedicated to her craft and puts her heart into each massage. She not only does clinical massage but also is available for home visits.” She still works there five days a week and provides relaxing massages to her clients. Her coworkers are also her friends, and she loves to celebrate most of the festivals with them.

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