Kenan Episode 3: What to Expect?

The second episode of ‘Kenan’ aired this week, and viewers are already warming up to the Nickelodeon star’s return on the screen. The latest episode covers Kenan’s ongoing struggle with his wife Cori’s death, and we fans can’t help but sympathize with what he’s going through. Yet Gary and Rick’s unconditional support for Kenan helps him through. But more on that later! Let us first move on to the upcoming episode. Here’s what we can expect from ‘Kenan’ episode 3!

Kenan Episode 3 Release Date

‘Kenan’ episode 3 is slated to release on Tuesday, March 2, 2021, at 8:30 PM EST on NBC. New episodes of the show drop every Tuesday.

Kenan Episode 3 Spoilers

The third episode of ‘Kenan’ is titled ‘The Fourth Hour.’ In this episode, Kenan will struggle with his increased work schedule when “Wake Up With Kenan!” adds a fourth hour. Rick will encourage Kenan to get tough and say “no” more often. Gary might suspect that Tami wants to snatch Kenan’s job, which is why Gary will take matters into his own hands.

Where to Watch Kenan Episode 3 Online?

Fans of the show can watch ‘Kenan’ episode 3 by simply tuning in to NBC at the timeslot mentioned above. You can also catch the show on NBC’s official website. Cord-cutters can alternatively stream the show on DirecTV or subscribe to Hulu, where the show is available.

Kenan Episode 2 Recap

The second episode of ‘Kenan’ is titled ‘Hard News,’ where Kenan realizes that he wants to cover more serious and impactful stories. Mika then feels the responsibility to educate the audiences with important news. Rick and Gary try to support Kenan, who is still emotionally disturbed about his wife’s death. As the first step, the trio, along with the kids, step into Cori’s closet, but they end up finding a report for a restraining order. This worries Kenan into thinking that she had secrets.

Meanwhile, Mika hosts a meeting with the rest of the team to change the show’s material. Kenan has trouble falling asleep and calls upon his friends to get to the bottom of Cori’s seeming beef with a guy. Gary suggests that it must have been an affair gone wrong, but Kenan refuses to believe him. The trio then decides to visit the man in question, but they accidentally end up vandalizing his lawn.

As their first “hard news” coverage, Kenan is co-incidentally asked to interview the same man whose lawn they destroyed the previous night. As expected, Kenan blows up the interview with the “lawn guy,” whose name is revealed to be Ron. As Kenan narrates his tragedy in front of Mika, she convinces him to confront Ron. Fortunately, he turns out to be gay, and Kenan’s suspicions are finally put to rest.

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