Kevin Hunter Jr: Where is Wendy Williams’ Son Now?

The life of talented host Wendy Williams is the primary focus of Lifetime’s ‘Where is Wendy Williams?’ In the documentary series, the viewers are introduced to many people who are close and important to Wendy, though no one holds a place in her heart like Kevin “Kev” Hunter Jr, her beloved son. The show explores the history between the two as well as their dynamics, which have made the viewers curious about Kevin’s current whereabouts.

Kevin Hunter Jr Has a Close Bond With His Mother

Kevin Hunter Jr is Wendy Williams’ only child through her former husband Kevin Hunter Sr. Born in August 2000, Kevin has mostly avoided the limelight that can often be associated with children of entertainment stars. Though Wendy herself often provided updates on her son’s life through her show ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ and other public appearances, the descriptions were never too detailed and allowed Kevin to enjoy a certain sense of anonymity.

In 2019, when Kevin was a sophomore in college, his parents started the process of divorce in April 2019. About a month after the same, it was reported that Kevin had gotten involved in a physical altercation with his father. This had apparently happened in front of the store where the father and son had gone. The two had apparently gotten into a fight over Kevin Sr’s demand for spousal support from Wendy and his claim that she was “brainwashing” their son. Kevin had been arrested over punching his father, but he had pled not guilty to the accusation, and the charges against him were dropped in July 2019 as his father chose not to pursue the case legally.

Through the Lifetime series, the world got to know that Kevin had gone to college in Miami, Florida. When his mother started to struggle with her diagnosis of Graves’ disease, Kevin had asked her to be with him in Miami. While the two lived together, Kevin had apparently been strict that his mother should follow a vegan diet and take care of her physical well-being. “I helped her heal by one, eliminating all alcohol, [and two] keeping her occupied, whether it’s going to the beach, working out. I feel like her being down here with the family was the best situation for her because she wasn’t able to self-sabotage,” he explained. “If there should ever be someone who should help her manage that, it should be the ones around her, her loved ones, her family.”

While Kevin and his mother seemed to have a good relationship for the most part, it did seem obvious that he hated his mother’s love for alcohol. This often landed the two into arguments as well. However, in May 2022, Wendy was placed under financial guardianship, which meant that the money she was giving her son was stopped. It was also revealed that Wendy was not allowed to meet with her family, including Kevin, who still remained in Miami. Florida.

When asked about Kevin’s spending on Wendy’s wealth, he claimed that he had never taken out any money from his mother’s account that she did not know about already. Wendy also seemed unhappy with the idea that she was not able to use her money to give to her son. However, this seemed to pale in comparison to the fact that Kevin remained concerned about his mother’s deteriorating health as well as her intake use of alcohol use.

Kevin Hunter Jr is Now a Musician

As of writing, Kevin is seemingly still based in Miami, Florida. He remains close with his cousins Travis and Alex Finnie, both of whom also appeared in the Lifetime documentary. The only son of Wendy Williams primarily prefers to keep the details of his life under wraps, which made his appearance in the documentary series that much of a rare occurrence. His concern over his mother was certainly evident in the show as he expressed how he did not like his mother being placed under financial guardianship.

Though used to a certain level of lifestyle when his mother was still giving him money, Kevin has not shed much light on how much his personal life has been impacted by Wendy’s financial restrictions. In the show, he also expressed concern over his mother’s drive to come back into the world of entertainment. He confessed that he felt that his mother had worked enough for the last several years and should now take a break in order to focus on her health. Since April 2023, April has been in a treatment facility for “cognitive issues.”

As for Kevin, it seems like he is focused on making a career in the music industry. He is now affiliated with Music Love Marketing Group and Music Love Studios, both of which are based in South Florida, close to where Kevin is now based. Additionally, he is connected with Internally Yours Wellness, which is a health and wellness website that is soon to rebrand to Ocean Herbs & Nature Wellness.

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