Will Shelby: Where is Wendy Williams’ Manager Now?

Focusing on the life of star Wendy Williams, Lifetime’s ‘Where is Wendy Williams?’ provides viewers with an insight into her life. The show’s main focus is on the health struggles that Wendy has been facing, as well as her battle with alcohol consumption. Among those who have become an integral part of Wendy’s life is Will Shelby (AKA Wildaboss), who is seen in the series as her Manager, a role that is certainly not an easy one to play. This has led the viewers to wonder about how he has been doing.

Will Shelby is a Jeweler Turned Manager

Prior to meeting Wendy Williams, Will Shelby had been a well-known jeweler who was often asked to make pieces for celebrities. It is through this line of work that he met Wendy in 2020 when the star of ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ commissioned him to make jewelry for him in 2020. The two grew closer, and given that this was around the same time that Wendy had been in the process of divorcing her former husband, Kevin Hunter Sr, many speculated that Will and Wendy might be in a relationship.

However, Wendy decided to address and deny the rumors through ‘The Wendy Williams Show.’ The dynamics between her and Will remained a friendly one until June of 2022, after ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ was canceled and she was placed under financial guardianship. The main motive behind Will and Wendy joining forces was so that the latter could reenter the world of entertainment through the launch of her podcast called ‘The Wendy Experience Podcast.’

As viewers of the Lifetime series might be aware, Will’s work with Wendy was limited to working on the podcast. A native of Brooklyn, New York, Will had taken it upon himself to help Wendy when it came to her struggle with health as well as her apparent alcohol addiction. Even during the production of the documentary series, Will had taken Wendy to a wellness center for about two months, something that she did not seem very happy about.

In multiple instances, Will could be seen trying to ensure that Wendy did not gain access to alcohol. Not only would he chide her about drinking alcohol, but he was once also seen talking to the management of a restaurant to ensure that Wendy’s drinks were non-alcoholic in nature. He shared in the documentary that Wendy had grown “more aggressive,’ and he was trying to do what he thought was best when it came to her health, both mental and physical.

Will Shelby is Now a Successful Businessman

In April 2023, Wendy Williams was entered into a treatment facility pertaining to her “cognitive issues.” Will Shelby has since confirmed that the star remains under the care of healthcare professionals, while he seemingly remains her manager. Presently, Will continues to thrive in his professional life, both as an artist manager and a jeweler. Having served clients like Drake, 50 Cent, Rick Ross, and Fabolous, Will is the proud founder of WS Jewelry Inc.

Additionally, Will is the CEO of Media Management. His work with David Da Jeweler, which started in January 2008, also led to the creation of DWS Jewelry and Company. As a proud artist, Will is always happy to share his work on social media. From blinged watches to shiny necklaces, Will’s work is diverse and has helped him gain a significant amount of social media influence. As of writing, he has about 20K Instagram followers, and he often posts videos featuring some of his noticeable clients.

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