Kid Lost: Where is Rhythm + Flow Italy Winner Now?

An ode to the Italian rap scene, Netflix’s ‘Rhythm + Flow Italy’ provides emerging artists a chance to impress some of the biggest names in the industry and increase their fanbase. The competition tests more than just the musical talents of the artists, allowing them to explore various aspects of their skills. In season 1 of the series, the competition was won by Kid Lost, a rapper whose work helped him impress all three of the show’s judges. He was also able to gain the love of the masses, with many wondering about the latest happenings in his life.

Kid Lost’s Long But Deep Lyrics Paved His Path to Victory

The first time Kid Lost entered the Netflix series, he was 26 years old and had been rapping for a decade. He found this to be a better alternative than heading down a possibly wrong path. He has also enjoyed the support of his family, who have always been happy to support his ventures. Hailing from Qualiano, Italy, he came to the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium in Naples, Italy, to hopefully get a ticket to Milan, Italy, for the next round of the competition.

Though his rhymes impressed Geolier and Rocco Hunt, they did feel like Kid Lost’s songs were “wordy.” That said, they liked his attitude as well and hence agreed that he should travel to Milan. Kid Lost ended up once again impressing everyone with his work when he performed for the first time in Milan and gained a straight entry to the next round of the competition. This time, he had to compete in a battle against Christian Revo, something that the judges were eager to see as they often felt that Kid Lost might not have enough of a confrontational nature to establish his points in a rap battle.

However, Kid Lost surpassed the expectations of all with his lyrics and attitude, earning him a victory over Christian Revo. Following this, the top 5 were given specific types of songs to make music videos on. Kid Lost was told to create a romantic music video, a task he took seriously with his own flair. While the judges did believe that the first part of his video was better than the second one, they still thought that he deserved a place in the semi-finals.

In the penultimate round, Kid Lost got the chance to perform live with Marracash for the song “Pagliaccio.” His feature in the song impressed his judges thanks to his flow and writing. With a place in the finals now, Kid Lost had to prepare a live performance of a new song in collaboration with Zef and Marz. His rendition of “Creature” in the finale easily captured the hearts of many and allowed him to win the completion handily along with the prize of €100,000.

Kid Lost Continues to Work on His Music

In recent months, Kid Lost has continued to work hard towards his music career and has released various tracks for his listeners. In October 2023, he released “Quartier” along with a music video on YouTube that has over nine and half thousand views as of writing. This was followed by “Preghiera” in December 2023. Both songs have earned him praise from the world, and the rapper continues to work on more projects so as to show the world just what he is made of.

Kid Lost has also expressed much appreciation towards his time on the Netflix show and the mentorship provided to him by Geolier, Fabri Fibra, and Rose Villain. he has also posted his song “Ossimoro” on Spotify, the music video for which was made as a part of the competition. With over 99K followers on Instagram, Kid Lost has certainly gained much support from the public, many of whom could not help but be impressed by his television debut.

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