Rhythm + Flow Italy: All Shooting Locations Explored

Celebrating the hip-hop culture of Italy, Netflix’s ‘Rhythm + Flow Italy’ gives emerging rap artists in Italy a chance to represent their home cities at a national level. While music is an undeniably crucial part of the show’s concept, a major emphasis is also put on the various locations where the artists get to showcase their talent and win the hearts of the listeners. As such, it is hardly a wonder that the filming of this captivating series has garnered worldwide interest.

Rhythm + Flow Italy Filming Locations

The first season of ‘Rhythm + Flow Italy’ took place in three major cities of Italy: Milan, Rome, and Naples. Each one of these three beautiful locations served as the starting ground for the majority of the contestants who were eager to showcase their skills. Once the initial round of the competition was over, all contestants came together and competed against each other.

Milan, Italy

The majority of ‘Rhythm + Flow Italy’ season 1 was produced in Milan, Italy. Known for its thriving artistic culture, several of the show’s contestants hail from Milan. As such, various landmark locations across the city served as the audition spots for emerging artists, with Rose Villain choosing who would represent the city in the next round of the competition. The first set of auditions within the city that we witnessed in season 1 took place in Milan’s Zona Stazione Centrale, or the Central Station Area of Milan.

Another iconic location within Milan where singers got to sing was the Berlin Cafe, located at 9 Via Gian Giacomo Mora, Milan. Similarly, the skate park in the Calvairate neighborhood of Milan was another place where Rose Villian met with aspiring artists. The selected artists from all three cities featured in the show got to give their first-round performance in Magazzini Generali, a famous dance club that can be found at 16 Via Pietrasanta, Milan.

Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy, was championed by Fabri Fibra in ‘Rhythm + Flow Italy’ season 1. Among the prominent places within the Italian capital that were used as shooting locations is the Rugbeats Studio, which is located at Graphic Design and Laboratorio di Serigrafia Artigianale in Cretone, Rome. It played a crucial role in providing artists the opportunity to impress some of the biggest names in the Italian music industry. Additionally, the Scalea del Tamburino, AKA Tamburino Stairs, which can be found at 31 Viale Glorioso, Rome, was also seen in the show. The third place within the city, which also served as an audition location, was the bridge over the Tiber River located near Gazometro, 9/11, Via del Commercio, Rome.

Naples, Italy

Last but not least, we have Naples, Italy, which was one of the major production locations in ‘Rhythm + Flow Italy’ season 1. Given that it was none other than Geolier who picked up stars from this region, the suburb of Secondigliano, Naples, was quite prominently seen in the series, as this is where the artist spent his early years. As for the audition process itself, one of the most iconic places within Naples seen in the show was the Piazza Ciro Esposito.

The audition process within Naples also took the artists to the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium. Located in Via Giambattista Marino, Fuorigrotta, Naples, it is the fourth-largest football stadium in Italy and is the home base of Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli, AKA SSC Napoli. Given the emphasis that the show puts on music, the usage of Duel Club, which is located in Via Antiniana, Naples, and is one of the most famous nightclubs in the area, is certainly fitting.

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