Kierstan Saulter From Love Island: Everything We Know

Love Island USA brings with it the golden chance to take home love and an amazeballs cash-prize of a million dollars. It also gives its participants a ‘celebrity status’ in just a few days. The show premiered on August 24 and introduced 11 “Islanders” on its first day. Two new contestants, Kierstan Saulter and Rachel Lundell have been brought to the exotic villa in Las Vegas. Kierstan has successfully made an excellent first impassion on most of the boys and received well-deserved attention from them all. Let us dive deeper into her personality to understand how strong of competition does she pose to the girls who they have already coupled up with during the first week.

Kierstan Saulter: Where is She From?

Kierstan hails from Austin, the state capital of Texas, which has been voted as the number 1 place to live in America.  She has currently been flown to a safe haven in Las Vegas for “Love Island” and currently resides there. She has also visited the place as a holiday venue a couple of times with her friends.

Kierstan Saulter: Age and Profession

Kierstan has been cast on the CBS show as a 23-years-old model who has worked as a cocktail waitress at Rio Nightclub located in her hometown. Along with providing her services as a bartender, she has also been the club’s social media manager for more than three years now.

Only recently, she signed as one of the new faces on ‘Neil Jou Agency’ to boost her career as a model on runways and fashion shows. In February of this year, Kierstan walked on the ramp of NYFW as her first modeling assignment for a brand named “The Social”. In addition to her gorgeous physique, she has also undergone plastic surgery, specifically breast augmentation, and proudly flaunts her “new babies” in the CBS bio and various posts on her social media account.

 The year 2020 has proved extremely fruitful for Kierstan as she also registered herself as the digital influencer for a media company called ‘Ignite Social’. The new girl in the villa is earning quite a reputation after being approached by Calvin and Caleb. She has shown much interest in coupling with Carrington and the two have been seen mingling and developing a connection through talking. The viewers are hooked on to what her bonding with the “exotic” boy will lead to? We will have to wait to find that out!

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