Kill (2024): Exploring All Filming Locations

Directed by Nikhil Nagesh Bhat, ‘Kill’ narrates the story of Indian Army commandos facing a large raid of bandits while traveling on a train from Ranchi to New Delhi in India. When commando Amrit discovers that the love of his life, Tulika, is getting married off against her wishes, he boards the train she is on to rescue her from the arrangement. However, the situation goes south when bandits armed with melee weapons board the train to loot the terrorized passengers. It is up to Amrit and Viresh to carve out a blood-soaked path through the claustrophobic confines of the train and rescue the citizens as well as Tulika from their blades. The film’s intense action revolves entirely around the train and its various carriages, with the locomotive becoming a character in itself.

Kill Filming Locations

Filming for ‘Kill’ took place primarily in a studio in Mumbai, India, and a few shots of Hyderabad, India, were utilized as well. Principal photography was carried out in early 2023 over a 77-day shooting schedule. Lead actor Lakshya was exceptionally dedicated to his role and spent around 8 to 9 months preparing for the fight sequences by training in martial arts workshops alongside other cast members and honing his body.

Mumbai, India

The train set for ‘Kill’ was created in a sound stage in a Mumbai studio. Production designer Mayur Sharma took on the daunting task of creating a lifelike train replica that could also be conducive to film crews. He did this by designing the train with the actual materials used in Indian trains, including heavy steel panels and doors. The mock locomotive’s exterior paint scheme matches that of many passenger cars on the Indian Railways. However, the interiors were a different story.

Image Credit: Dharma Productions/YouTube

Regular Indian train cabins have a rust and metallic color for their floors and walls. But such shades would hide the copious amounts of blood that was being spilled in the movie’s fight scenes. Thus, Sharma used creative liberty to set his own color scheme for the cabin interiors. Furthermore, he designed the train set in such a way that its steel walls and doors could open up like contraptions from the side, allowing the camera crew to shoot from any angle. The operational cameraman and some other crew members were often so close to the action sequence in the claustrophobic set that they would get hurt by the intense combat between the actors.

Hyderabad, India

During some establishing shots of the movie, we are treated to cinematic landscape scenes of the Hussain Sagar Lake and its surrounding urban sprawl in the Telangana state capital city of Hyderabad. In particular, one of the shots focuses on the Necklace Road encircling the lake, reminiscent of the popular recreational location of Marine Drive in Mumbai. The artificial lake was initially built by Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah in 1563 to meet the city’s irrigation needs and serve as a reservoir.

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