Kim Anna: Where is She Now? Is She Still Together With Qamar?

When watching Netflix’s ‘Super Rich in Korea,’ it is hard not to be in awe of the splendor that Kim Anna lives in. Married to Malik Muhammad Qamar Hayat Tiwana, she is part of a noble Pakistani family but retains a strong love towards the Korean culture as she spent a significant amount of her time in the country. Her determination to do good for those around her and her love for her husband certainly made her stand out to the viewers.

Kim Anna Has Her Roots in Pakistan

Though she was born in Pakistan, Kim Anna and her family moved to South Korea around 2000. As such, she primarily grew up in the latter country and developed a strong love for the same. In the Netflix show, she even mentioned how she had never been made to feel like she was an outsider, crediting this to yet another aspect of the country’s culture that she respects. “I attended schools in Korea from elementary school to university. I’m Korean to the bone,” she explained.

Due to the love and freedom that she found in South Korea, Anna decided to embrace the country fully and became a citizen. That said, she did retain her connection to her roots in Pakistan. In fact, it was through a mutual family friend that she was introduced to Malik Muhammad Qamar Hayat Tiwana. Though hailing from a noble family with an impressive amount of wealth, Qamar had decided to introduce himself as an unemployed person to Anna, claiming that it was technically truthful and he had come to appreciate the love that Anna had for him irrespective of his financial status.

In fact, Qamar fondly recalled how Anna had told him that she was ready to take care of them both financially, believing that her husband’s unemployed status meant that he might struggle for money in the future. Needless to say, Awama found the whole situation to be heartwarming and yet funny, given the reality. As it turns out, Qamar’s family has been in Sargodha, Pakistan, for about 600 years. His grandfather was once the Premier of the Punjab, which was equivalent to nobility.

Given his ancestry, Qamar is an apparent sovereign of about 32 villages in Sargodha, which constitutes about a hundred thousand people. His family has a manor in the area, which is considered a historical site and has been standing for 200 years. In tradition to her husband’s family, Anna keeps her face covered when in the area as the citizens are apparently not meant to see the face of the lady of the manor. Like her husband, Anna confesses to enjoying the sense of responsibility that the position brings and certainly tries her best to adhere to the traditions.

Kim Anna is Happily Married to Her Noble Husband

Through various ceremonies that stretched for about four months, Kim Anna and Malik Muhammad Qamar Hayat Tiwana got married in early 2021. Their love for each other remains as strong as ever, with Anna trying her best to adapt to the legacy of her husband’s family, while Qamar gives it his all to make his wife feel more comfortable and ensure that she does not miss South Korea very much while still in Pakistan. He has also expressed a desire to meet her friends in the other country but has not been able to make the journey yet due to visa issues.

Though part of the nobility, Anna has continued to work hard. Through Anna Beauty Products, she has introduced many Korean beauty products to the Pakistani market and is hopeful about expanding her brand even more. She is also in charge of Kim Traders, which connects South Korea, Pakistan, and UAE’s Dubai. Additionally, she had kept up her charity work and can often be seen working hard to provide for those she feels can benefit from her help.

Both Anna and her brother, Ali, are full citizens of South Korea and retain a strong love for the culture. Though Anna splits her time between South Korea and Pakistan, she loves both countries deeply, but for vastly different reasons. She certainly enjoys the lavish lifestyle that being a noble entails, as seen by the fact that her family has pet lion and tiger cubs in their vacation home in Lahore, Pakistan. Moreover, Anna is also quite well-connected with some of the leading names in Pakistan’s fashion and entertainment industry, like Mohsin Naveed Ranjha, the man behind MNR world.

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