Kimberly and TJ: Is the 90 Day Fiancé Couple Still Married?

TLC’s ’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’ flips everything you know about the ‘90 Day Fiancé’ franchise on its head to provide you with some of the most captivating stories of international couples. Seeing US citizens leave their country and make a new foreign country in the company of their chosen partners is often an experience full of ups and downs. Consider the duo of Kimberly Rochelle and TJ Tejaswi “TJ” Goswami, whose journey initially seemed like a spiritual experience but soon started to struggle against more material issues. As such, the world is eager to know if the couple is still together or if they have decided to go on their separate paths since their time in season 5 of the ‘90 Day Fiancé’ spinoff.

Kimberly and TJ’s 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Journey

In the modern world of the internet, the story of how Kimberly Rochelle and TJ Goswami met is truly an interesting one. Thanks to their shared interest, the two had been a part of a social media group dedicated to spiritualism. It’s there that TJ saw Kimberly first and started to pray for him to text him. The very next day, the American woman did end up messaging him, apparently motivated to do so due to a dream.

Not long afterward, Kimberly and TJ decided to tie the knot and get married in order to cement their love. While TJ’s family did support him, he admitted that they would have preferred his bride to be an Indian. Following their marriage, the couple started living together in the same house as TJ’s family in Jaipur, India. However, this marked the start of the conflict between TJ’s family’s expectations and reality.

“My family expects for Kimberly to be like a traditional wife in India. Contributing to the household work. But I’m not telling Kimberly. Right now, the priority is just like, get married first. All other things can be talked later on,” TJ had shared prior to the marriage. However, the issue only continued to grow. Kimberly herself was far from impressed with the new house she was meant to call home and often clashed over cultural differences.

Kimberly’s relationship with TJ’s family was also far from a good one. Given that she did not know how to converse in Hindi properly, she had a hard time connecting with her in-laws or anyone new in the area, for that matter. In turn, TJ’s family was unhappy that Kimberly would not even come downstairs and spend some time with them. The series of miscommunications and broken expectations led to an explosive argument between Kimberly and TJ, with both accusing each other of not being emotionally supportive. The possibility of separation was also discussed.

During the Tell All episode of season 5 of the show, Kimberly and TJ still seemed to be at odds. The latter confessed that he felt underappreciated for the efforts and financial stress he took on to build a separate flat for Kimberly and himself. In turn, Kimberly claimed that this was the first time that she heard about the possible $12,000 that her husband had apparently taken.

Kimberly also received criticism from Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh, former stars of the show, with the former stating that Kimberly’s comments about India, its culture, and her new family were uncalled for. It was also stated by others that they felt that Kimberly had a tendency to escalate arguments rather than try to diffuse them, an assertion she did not seem to agree with.

Kimberly and TJ Are Happily Married

Despite their on-screen differences, it seems like Kimberly Rochelle and TJ Goswami have continued to grow in their relationship with each other. Both of them often feature on each other’s social media and are never shy about sharing pictures from their wedding ceremonies on the internet for their fans. In a recent post, TJ shared his wedding photo with the caption, “Just started with a text…No no with a dream,” referencing how the two had come together.

Kimberly’s love for TJ is also quite evident for all to see, often sharing numerous pictures of her husband at the same time to show her appreciation. While Limberly’s relationship with TJ’s family, especially his brother Yash, was a tense one, it seems like she has become closer to them now. While the couple continues to enjoy the attention of the world due to their reality TV journey, they have seemingly remained steadfast beside each other, likely focusing on building their relationship further.

Like her husband, Kimberly is also in a delightful habit of talking about her past with TJ on social media. However, towards the end of the Tell All episode, Kimberly shared that she did not plan on returning to India for about four months, though she admitted that she did still love her husband.

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