Here Are All The Locations Where Kingdom Was Filmed

Kingdom Filming Locations

Netflix’s first original Korean series, ‘Kingdom’ follows the life of Crown Prince Lee Chang as he challenges his destiny to save his Kingdom. Set during the Joseon dynasty, the zombie thriller takes place a few years after the Japanese invasions of the Korean Peninsula. When the Crown Prince is informed that his father is no more and he must assume the throne, he senses a political conspiracy and embarks upon a mission to investigate the truth, which leads him to something far more sinister – a mysterious zombie plague that is slowly overtaking his kingdom.

Directed by Kim Seong-hun, the show has garnered praises for keeping the viewers hooked throughout with its fast-paced storyline, and for its historical accuracy regarding the costumes and locations. In case you’re wondering: where was ‘Kingdom’ filmed? We have got you covered.

Kingdom Filming Locations

The edge-of-the-seat thriller was extensively filmed in the capital of South Korea, i.e., Seoul and the province surrounding the popular tourist destination. Here are the specific locations where ‘Kingdom’ was filmed.

Seoul, South Korea

The show was extensively shot in Seoul, the capital and largest city of South Korea. A flourishing financial and cultural epicenter, the city is also known for its historical legacy. The production unit chose two locations for filming in Changdeokgung Palace – Gwallamjeong Pavilion and Injeongjeon Hall.

Gwallamjeong Pavilion was used as a backdrop of the scene where Queen Consort Cho confronts her father, Minster Cho Hak-ju, regarding the future of the nation.

Kingdom Filming Locations

The Aeryeonji Pond is where the guards dump a dead body to make sure no one gets to know about the unusual incidents that are taking place in the palace.

The scene towards the end where Queen Consort steps into the role of Queen Regent to pass orders on behalf of the King, was shot in Injeongjeon Hall.

Kingdom Netflix Filming Locations
Picture Credit: The Seoul Guide

Tongmyeongjeon Hall, located inside Changgyeonggung Palace was passed off as the living quarters of Queen Consort on the show, where Lee Chang begs her to allow him to see his father.

Kingdom Filming Locations
Picture Credit: The Seoul Guide

Sungjeongjeon Hall in Gyeonghuigung Palace, is the shooting location of the scene where Cho Hak-ju double crosses his rivals and gets them punished for treason. Jajeongjeon Hall was used as the place where the King conducts his council meetings on the show.

Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Located 51 kms from Seoul, Gyeonggi-do is translated as “the area surrounding the capital.” Its famous historical heritage, the Korean Folk Village in Yongin, doubled up as a filming location for ‘Kingdom.’

The Government office in the living-museum was used while filming the scenes where the zombie apocalypse sets foot in Dongnae, after the bodies at Jiyulheon convert into zombies and attack the whole village after dusk.

Kingdom filming locations

The Korean Folk Village is known for showcasing the traditional Korean art and culture of the Joseon era. It is famous for the Farmers’ dance and Martial Arts on Horseback performance.

The pivotal scene wherein Seobi finds the Resurrection Plant in Frozen Valley, was filmed in Bidulginangpokpo Falls in Hantangang River Geopark, Gyeonggi-do.

Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea

Mungyeongsaejae Open Set or KBS studio in the North Gyeongsang Province is a replica of the historic Mungyeong Saejae Pass. It has been reduced down to just 20% of its actual size. It serves as a filming location for the scene showcasing the passage of the high officials through the Gwanghwamun Gate to meet with the King.

Kingdom Filming Locations
Picture Credit: South Korea TON

Juheulgwan Gate and many other sites on the set were also used to shoot a few scenes. The studio also stood as a backdrop for ‘The Crowned Clown,’ ‘Taejo Wang Geon,’ and ‘The Slave Hunters.’ Another location in the northern province, Buyongdae Cliff, was used by the production department to film the scene where Lee Chang’s mentor, Lord An Hyun gets down from the mountain, along with the sequence which involves a lot of zombies being carried on a ship from the bank.

Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea

Also known as the “turtle-shaped rock,” Suseungdae Rock, was passed off as a filming location for the spine-chilling scene featuring the Crown Prince and Moo-young as they jump into the river, after running for their lives from a horde of zombies. It is located in Deogyusan National Park in Gyeongsangnam-do province.

Kingdom Filming Locations
Picture Credit: Milliwayz

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