Kitten Bowl 7: When and Where to Watch?

Kitten Bowl 7

‘Kitten Bowl’ is a competition reality show that revolves around the nation’s most athletic and adoptable kittens who battle it out in the gridiron at the national kitten football championship. On the show, the cute and fluffy cat-letes have their eyes set, only on one thing – the Kitten Bowl VII trophy. But only the fast and fur-ious team wins! The show first premiered on February 2, 2014.

Crown Media’s ‘Kitten Bowl’ is America’s most loved kitten football game. Along with being a bonanza of cuteness, the show’s primary aim is to be a medium for the adorable felines to get forever homes, by giving them a platform to display their agility, skills and of course cuteness. It is in collaboration with Hallmark’s Adoption Ever After initiative, which promotes adoption by informing audiences about the sufferings of homeless animals. And because of ‘Kitten Bowl,’ over 25,000 animals, including dogs, cats, and rabbits have successfully found homes.

The show has been a hit among the audiences, especially cat lovers, for years, spawning six successful seasons. So, if you are a cat lover and are looking for a purr-fect show to watch with your pet, this is it. Read on to know the release date and other details of ‘Kitten Bowl’ 7.

What is Kitten Bowl About?

‘Kitten Bowl’ is an annual event featuring lively, agile and smart kittens who compete with each other in a football game at Hallmark Stadium. Full of vigor and mischief, the kittens log heads at the game of gridiron and score goals, tackle their opponent, and are also penalized for fouls and receive penalties for display of violence.

Not just that, the players undergo training sessions and are also supplied high energy meals to keep their spirit up. We also see small puppies as cheerleaders. ‘Kitten Bowl’ is a team effort of Hallmark and one of the best shelter organizations in America, Animal League. You can readily adopt a feline from their shelter. In case you are not able to adopt, you can volunteer or donate funds for the welfare of the kittens.

In case you don’t know, kitten factories, also known as kitten mills, exist in many places across the globe. The kitten mills are places where kittens are kept for breeding in unhygienic and detrimental conditions, where many are crammed in a box/cage with feces on the floor, overflowing litter boxes, infected eyes, matted fur, etc. It is not only unfavorable, but can also cause death. Therefore, the show asks people to adopt from shelters and never ever shop.

Kitten Bowl Cast: Host and Contestants

Beth Stern is reprising her role as the host of ‘Kitten Bowl’ 7. She is a North Shore Animal League America spokesperson, a cat foster to over 1000 cats over the years, and an advocate for “no kill” cat rescue shelters and adoption.

Commentators Brennan Elliott and Jill Wagner provide a detailed commentary of the play-by-play action of all the cat-letes. Both the commentators are known for their snarky and fun camaraderie, which adds to the entertainment value of the big game.

Joining them as commentators are former NFL player Rashad Jennings and football veteran Boomer and color presenter Esiason, who provide expert insights on the playing style of the fullbacks, the goal keeper, the linebackers, and others. Rashad Jennings is the winner of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ season 24.

The Little Longtails are the winner of the ‘Kitten Bowl’ 6 by putting a score of 35-32 against North Shore Bengals.

The contestants of ‘Kitten Bowl 7’ are – Alvin Catmara, Baby Bear, Baker Meowfield, Bill, Bruiser, Darla, Dime, Dinky, Milkshake, Nickel, Bonkers, De Andre Meowkins, Faith, Flash, Grace, Hope, Tofu, Paris, Jacques Le Mes, Catler Purry, Coco, Gigabyte, Maverick, Blonde, Catrick Meowhomes, Cookie, Crouton, Da Vinci, Pompom, etc.

Kitten Bowl Season 7 Release Date

‘Kitten Bowl’ 7 is all set to premiere on Sunday, February 7, 2020, at 2 pm ET, on Hallmark Channel. The event will have a runtime of 125 minutes. In case you miss the premiere, you can also re-watch it at 5 pm.

Kitten Bowl 7 Trailer

Check out the paw-tastic preview of ‘Kitten Bowl 7!’