Kleks Academy Mid-Credits Scene, Explained: Is Albert Alive?

Netflix’s ‘Kleks Academy’ takes the audience to a world where imagination runs wild. The protagonist of the story is a young girl named Ada whose childhood has been lost. Her father left home several years ago, promising to come back from his adventure as soon as possible. But years have passed, and there is no sign of him. Since his disappearance, Ada has lost touch with her childhood innocence and imagination. The same seems to have happened to another boy, named Albert.

Albert’s arc takes a tragic turn in the middle of the film when everything seems to be going wrong in the land inhabited by supernatural creatures. By the end of the movie, however, things take a rather unexpected turn. What does it mean for Albert?

Albert Comes Back From the Dead

When Ada joined Kleks Academy, she struggled to fit in. She believed she had lost all her imagination due to her grief and could never get it back. She thought she would fail to get her magic and would be forced to leave the beautiful, magical world she had been made a part of. Albert felt the same, and this shared sense of alienation brought the two of them together. However, while Ada decides to change things and focuses on getting her imagination back, Albert seems to struggle with it.

Things seem to have come to an end for him when he drowns in a lake in a fairytale land that can only be entered through one of the doors outside the academy. Ada tries to save him, but once he falls into the icy water, there is no going back for him. Cold takes over him, and he is unable to get out of the water. He falls in and drowns. Ada is sad for him, but with the wolves taking over the academy, she has to go back and save the rest of her friends.

For Ada, it seems to be the last time she will ever see Albert again, but then something very unexpected happens. Out of nowhere, Albert shows up at her door. What’s more surprising is that his torso is replaced by some sort of machine. As he shows it to Ada, he even seems confused about what has happened to him and what he should do next. At this point, any answer about what may or may not have happened to Albert is speculation, but we can make a good guess about how the events may have unfolded.

Albert’s Return Marks a New Adventure for Him and Ada

It’s clear that when Ada left the fairytale in which Albert had drowned, he found a way to come back to the surface. We don’t see what happens once Ada leaves, but it must be Albert’s own imagination that saves him. Despite him feeling like he doesn’t belong to the academy, Ada shows him that he is, in fact, much more capable than he believes. With her help, he succeeds in tapping into his imagination and creating magical things. One can only hope that it is in his darkest moments that he eventually taps into the magic again.

One thing to note is that before he was to fall into the water, Albert sang the song he’d first sung when he met Ada. This song would bring him the same feelings of love, support, and confidence that Ada had helped him find previously during his classes at the academy. With Albert slipping away, it would have taken more time for his magic to kick in, but it eventually did, and he got himself out of the water. From there, things could have gone all sorts of ways.

The most likely thing to have happened is that Albert was found by someone, most probably by the girl with the matchsticks who told Ada that he was by the lake. She would have helped him get out of the cold, either helped him survive in the fairytale world or thrown him out of the door back to the academy, where he would have a better chance to survive. As to who replaced his torso with the machine, it is possible that Albert’s own imagination may have done the trick. He still hadn’t completely learned how to control his powers and, in an effort to save himself, might have conjured up something that he didn’t actually intend to do. Another possibility is that someone else did this to him, most likely the old man who appears in one of the worlds behind the door. In any case, the answers to their questions will define the next adventure for Albert and Ada, eventually bringing her closer to the answer to her father’s mysterious disappearance.

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