Kleks Academy: Where is the Netflix Movie Filmed?

Image Credit: Netflix

‘Kleks Academy’ or ‘Akademia pana Kleksa’ transports us to the fantastical world centered around an enigmatic professor’s academy of gifted children. The 2023 Polish-language movie is directed by Maciej Kawulski and is based on Jan Brzechwa’s 1946 novel, which was initially adapted into the 1983 film, ‘Akademia Pana Kleksa.’ The story revolves around a teenager called Ada, who reluctantly accepts an invitation to a magic academy in hopes of finding clues about her father.

As she enters a vibrant world of wonder, Ada is greeted by fellow students and Professor Kleks himself. The academy is housed in a fairytale castle with multiple towers, lush gardens, and stately balustrades. While Ada goes on captivating adventures and explores the land’s secrets, we can’t help but question whether the extraordinary setting of the Netflix film was captured in real-life locations.

Kleks Academy Filming Locations

‘Kleks Academy’ was filmed in Warsaw, Brzesko, and Gołuchów in Poland. Many of the structure exteriors and interiors seen in the film are captured through on-location shooting while being enhanced with visual effects for many of the sequences. Principal photography began in late 2023 and was wrapped up by January 2024. Director Kawulski realized the importance of the project he headed and its legacy, making sure to instill in the performers a sense of duty towards the generational work.

Gołuchów, Poland

The production team set up shop in the village of Gołuchów in central Poland to capture the centerpiece of the film’s backdrop. The exterior of the academy seen in the movie is actually created using the real-life Gołuchów Castle, which really does seem like it came out of a fairytale. The Renaissance-style castle overlooks the Trzemsza River and has a rich history dating back to the 16th Century. In 1507, the Leszczyński family acquired the Gołuchów estates, transforming the residence into one of Poland’s most magnificent Renaissance castles by 1628. The picturesque monument consists of a tower house with four octagonal towers in the corners that make up its iconic image.

Brzesko, Poland

To capture the interiors of the magical academy, the film crew traveled to the picturesque town of Brzesko in southern Poland. There, they rolled cameras within the Goetz Palace, a grand and luxurious property surrounded by lush estate grounds. Situated at Barona Jana Gotza 6, the property is the venue for weddings, private parties, and many film shoots. For ‘Kleks Academy,’ its opulent wooded interiors gave life to the mysterious magic school’s rooms and hallways. Some movies shot here include ‘Fitoor,’ ‘Mr. Jones,’ ‘The Mighty Angel,’ ‘Clergy,’ and ‘Bose: Dead/Alive.’

Warsaw, Poland

The capital city of Poland hosted the film crew as they shot scenes within a local business and a museum. The massive cylindrical structure with multiple windows, which serves as a portal to the magic world in the movie, is actually the abandoned Wola Gas Factory, which is now the Warsaw Gasworks Museum. Located at Seweryna Krzyżanowskiego 7, the museum contains large antiquated machines and systems that produced and metered gas and gas lamps in the 19th and 20th centuries. The W Oparach Absurdu restaurant can be seen in the opening scenes of the movie as a student interacts with magic in Mexico. A pub located at Ząbkowska 6, W Oparach Absurdu is known for its traditional snacks that go well with its frothy drinks.

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