Kobe Blaise and Emily From 90 Day Fiance: Everything We Know

’90 Day Fiance’ is an interesting TV show that brings the lives of cross-border couples to the forefront. Focusing on US citizens who are engaged to foreign nationals, the TLC production showcases the couples’ journey as the international partners enter US soil on a K-1 visa. The K-1 visa allows a fiance/fiancee to be in the US for 90 days, within which they must marry or go back to their home country.

While it is pretty challenging for couples to settle down and take care of problems within such a short timeframe, it is interesting to see how each individual tackles the personal issues in their unique way. Season 9 of ’90 Day Fiance’ introduced Kansas native Emily and her Cameroon national fiance, Kobe Blaise. Naturally, the interest surrounding the lives of the new faces of reality television is at its maximum. Hence, we decided to dig and find out everything there is about the couple.

Emily and Kobe Blaise: Where Are They From?

Having lived in the United States for most of her life, Emily was brought up in the town of Salina in Saline County, Kansas. Emily grew up in a large country house surrounded by animals and loved going on long horse rides. However, as Salina is a small town, Emily wanted to break free of her roots and do something extraordinary with her life. Thus, once she entered college, she broke out of her shell and began touring the world. She traveled to Thailand with her friends before being offered the opportunity of teaching English in the Chinese city of Xi’an for two months.

While working in the foreign country, Emily looked forward to exploring the Chinese culture but was not really looking for a serious romantic relationship. On the other hand, her fiance, Kobe Blaise, hails from the Central African country of Cameroon but has kept his profession hidden from the cameras as of writing. Interestingly, it seems that fate played a significant role in making Kobe and Emily meet as they both came across each other in a foreign country before discovering their mutual attraction.

Emily and Kobe Blaise: How Did They Meet?

One night in Xi’an, Emily was enjoying herself in a nightclub when she spotted Kobe dancing a few feet away. Finding him quite attractive, Emily approached him later that night, and Kobe was only too happy to make a new acquaintance. Although the two spent the night together, Emily mentioned that she did not expect it to be anything other than a one-night stand. Regardless, Kobe won her over with his charm and sweetness, and soon the Kansas native could not stand being away from him.

While the whirlwind romance caught Emily off-guard, she allowed herself to get lost in the feeling and soon realized Kobe is the one she wants to spend the rest of her life with. When they first met, Emily had just a few weeks left to spend in Xi’an, but Kobe soon proposed, and she happily accepted. Interestingly, a few weeks into their engagement, Emily felt weird and discovered that she was pregnant. However, she was compelled to return to the United States soon after, and Kobe could not be there for the birth of their son.

Emily and Kobe Blaise: Future Prospects

Their social media posts and previous interactions make it abundantly clear that Emily and Kobe shared a loving relationship before the former had to move back to the States. Besides, although Kobe applied for his K-1 visa, the COVID-19 pandemic delayed it for almost two years, during which Emily had to take care of their daughter all alone. Once they were reunited at the airport, Kobe remarked that he was taken aback by the amount of weight Emily put on in the time they were apart.

Kobe’s seemingly harsh comments understandably did not sit well with Emily, as she appeared pretty hurt and disappointed. Emily and Kobe still have a long road to navigate as Emily’s parents seem pretty apprehensive of their daughter’s fiance. They tried to dissuade her from marrying Kobe. Furthermore, Emily’s father even forbade Emily from getting pregnant again. Still, it wasn’t easy to abstain as the lovers were united after such a long time.

From the looks of it, Emily and Kobe will be dealing with another pregnancy scare, which in turn might further sour their relationship with Emily’s parents. Moreover, moving in together after such a long time and dealing with other changes might also prove to be a significant hurdle in the couple’s path. Still, we would like to wish them the very best and hope they find the strength to work towards a future together for their love for each other and their adorable young son.

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