Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2 Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

In ‘Komi Can’t Communicate’ season 2, episode 3 titled ‘Feelings,’ ‘Fantasies 2,’ ‘Invitation to Lunch,’ and ‘Roasted Potatoes,’ the anime follows the titular protagonist’s struggles and challenges in everyday life. Shinobino, Sonoda, and Shigeo sit together for one more time to discuss their dating fantasies while Tadano listens to them surreptitiously. Later, Komi has an awkward meeting with Tadano outside the school. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Komi Can’t Communicate’ season 2, episode 3. SPOILER AHEAD!

Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Nakanaka expresses her desire to Tadano to learn what Komi thinks in different situations so that she can understand her better. Yamai also joins in, and the two begin to push Komi’s seatmate for his help. Tadano turns the whole situation into an exciting game wherein Nakanaka and Yamai will have to predict what the titular protagonist must be thinking during random events throughout the day.

Much to the dismay of the duo, they fail to guess Komi’s thoughts on most occasions, while Tadano helps them understand the titular protagonist in a much better way. Later, when Tadano is sitting alone in the classroom, Shinobino, Sonoda, and Shigeo begin to discuss their romantic fantasies all over again. Shigeo explains that he has put a lot of thought into it and shares a romantic scenario with Komi after Shinobino and Sonoda have told him their ideal date plans.

He argues that he can’t imagine her in any modern setting and goes on to depict her as a deadly assassin in his story. However, the conversation between the trio comes to an unexpected halt when Komi enters the classroom, and they pretend as if nothing ever happened. During the lunch break, Katai approaches Komi and Tadano and is about to invite them to eat with him but is too scared to say anything. As his two classmates stare at him, he runs away to end the awkward confrontation.

Tadano has noticed he was holding his tiffin in his hand and accurately concludes what Katai must be thinking. He follows him and offers to have lunch together. Katai is shocked that his classmate managed to read him like an open book. He realizes that it is an excellent chance for him to become friends with Tadano, and he tries to make the conversation as interesting as possible for both of them. But it soon becomes evident that Katai is just stressing too much and needs to relax. Tadano asks him to calm himself, and the two then invite Komi to join them, who has been observing their weird interaction for quite some time.

Later that night, Komi hears a yakimo food truck roaming in her neighborhood. She immediately follows the noise and chases after the truck, only managing to buy the sweet potato after several attempts. Meanwhile, Tadano recalls the time that he dressed up as a maid during the cultural festival. He decides to go outside, hoping to take his mind off the bad memory, and runs into Komi. The duo has a brief conversation, and Tadano manages to gather enough courage to ask her to go out during the winter with him. Komi agrees without hesitating, and the two return home red-faced.

Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2 Episode 3 Ending: Will Tadano and Komi Express Their Feelings For One Another?

Fans of the show have been shipping Tadano and Komi for quite a while now. The duo has indirectly expressed their romantic interest in one another several times. However, Komi’s shyness, coupled with her communication disorder, is a huge hurdle that they need to overcome before the duo finally express their feelings to each other. Luckily, Tadano helping the titular protagonist make more friends and become more vocal has brought them together. Furthermore, they often spend most of their time in one another’s company at school.

While all of this is a positive development in the right direction, the lack of effort to open up about romantic feelings is something that is pulling them back. However, Tadano asking Komi to go out with him during winter might just prove to be a crucial step in making the duo express their feelings. But how long will this actually take? Well, looking at Komi’s slow progress in adapting to casual social affairs, it seems that fans have a long wait ahead of themselves. Romantic relationships are just too complicated for someone who can barely talk to her classmates.

This assessment can be backed by Tomohito Oda’s Japanese manga series, which serves as the inspiration for the anime. While fans can rejoice about the fact that the Komi and Tadano will eventually open up about their feelings and date one another, they sadly have a long way to go. Komi still has a lot of challenges to overcome before she is comfortable enough with a romantic relationship. Therefore, we won’t get to see the duo proposing to each other any time soon.

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