KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World Episode 1 Recap: The Crimson-Eyed Wizards

In ‘KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World’ episode 1 titled ‘The Crimson-Eyed Wizards,’ Megumi encounters a powerful mage who uses Explosion magic to save her life at a very young age. This incident inspires her to master the technique as well, so when she eventually manages to enroll at the prestigious Red Prison magic academy, she becomes very determined. However, when she eventually asks her instructor at the academy about Explosion magic, he tells her that it is too impractical to be of any use in combat. His opinion puts Megumi in a dilemma as she starts to really think deeply about the whole problem.

Megumi Gets Inspired to Learn Explosion Magic

Megumi was very young when she unknowingly unleashed a monster. Although things could have potentially ended terribly for her, she was lucky since a powerful mage came to her rescue just in the nick of time. She used Explosion magic to ensure that the monster never got to Megumi. The spectacle that was left in the aftermath of her magic use was so mesmerizing that Megumi immediately fell in love with it. So when the mage granted her a wish, she did not think twice before asking her to help her learn Explosion magic.

Unfortunately, the powerful mage just told her that the magic had many downsides. Sometime later when Megumi returned home with her younger sister, she was greeted by her overenthusiastic father. It turned out that he has a really good day at the market and the family was going to have sukiyaki after a long time. He told his daughters that they had actually met a very generous customer at the market who appreciated his craftsmanship and paid him well. Megumi’s father also appreciated his wife who showed incredible negotiation skills and managed to convince the customer to pay a good amount for the magic item.

Later Megumi managed to get enrolled in the Red Prison magic academy. Following her arrival, she decided that she will become a strong mage and focus all her energy on learning the explosion magic. Meanwhile, a student named Yunyun told her that she was ready to challenge her and joined the academy only to defeat Megumi. As the classes started, Megumi focused her attention on finding the best possible method to learn and master the Explosion magic but found no reference in the textbooks. Later when she asked one of the teachers, he mocked the Explosion magic and even went as far as saying that it was impractical.

Does Megumi Give Up on Learning Explosion Magic?

Ever since her arrival at the Red Prison magic academy, Megumi has been told that the Explosion magic is not practical and is laughed at by one of the teachers. Despite her strong resolve, she has lately been struggling with the dilemma of pursuing it or not. After her class manages to capture all the tulips, Yunyun interestingly approaches Megumi and gives an interesting perspective on the whole problem. She tells her frenemy that the effectiveness of Explosion magic will depend on the user alluding to the fact that the teacher who made fun of it probably has not mastered it yet.

Later that evening, Megumi sits on the terrace alone and recalls her encounter with the powerful mage who had inspired her to learn Explosion magic. She also remembers being told that this particular magic has many downsides. But instead of giving up on her goals, Megumi instead becomes more adamant to master Explosion magic, which marks the beginning of her journey that eventually leads her to her three eccentric friends.

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