KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World Episode 5 Recap: Prelude to an Explosion of Madness

In ‘KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World’ episode 5 titled ‘Prelude to an Explosion of Madness,’ Megumin and Yunyun arrive at the former’s house only to find it empty. They fear the worst that Komekko has probably ended up in a horrible situation but are luckily able to eventually track her down. But when Megumin hesitates to use her skills points to save her sister, Yunyun puts her future on the line for the greater good.

Komekko Goes Missing

A few days earlier, Komekko has accidentally come across a demon named Host and ended up befriending him. She helped him break the Dark God Wolbach’s seal. She had actually met Ink during one of her visits to Host and decided to take the familiar home so that she can eat it with her sister. In the present day, Megumin desperately searches for Komekko but is unable to find her. She and Yunyun appear to fear the worst when they come across two demons who kidnap Ink.

Although Yunyun desperately wants to help Ink, Megumin shows little interest and in fact, quite easily accepts whatever fate is in store for her familiar. Later that day during their desperate search for Komekko, the two friends end up finding her in a jungle. It turns out that she is fighting with the same demons who kidnapped Ink. In such a desperate situation, both of them know that they must use magic to save Komekko and Ink before it’s too late.

However, Yunyun notices that Megumin is hesitating to use her skill points as she fears the possibility that she won’t be able to use them to learn advanced magic later. Yunyun springs into action and uses all her skill points instead- which seals her fate as an intermediate magic user for a least the foreseeable future. But at least she is able to use some effective magic spells to push the demons back that allow her to save Komekko and Ink.

Unfortunately, their troubles have hardly ended as they see a horde of monsters coming in their direction. It turns out that the villagers are using their powers to push them there so that they can use a final attack to kill them. Since they are unaware of Megumin, Komekko, and Yunyun’s presence in the forest, it puts the trio in harm’s way. Meanwhile, Megumin notices the peculiar fact that she has always been attacked by demons in the presence of Ink, which leads to the realization that he is actually the Dark God everyone is looking for.

Did Megumin And Yunyun Graduate?

Looking at the horde of monsters approaching them, Megumin realizes that she needs to step up since Yunyun can’t move anymore. Although she has never used magic before, she trusts her Crimson Demon instincts. Megumin is confident that she has enough skill points to use advanced magic and tries to check her options. That’s when her eyes suddenly fall on Explosion magic in the list and she realizes that she is eligible to use it. Using all her skill points, Megumin prepares to use the magic that she has dreamt of learning for years.

As Yunyun and Komekko look at her surprised by her immense powers, Megumin enunciates the words of the mage who had saved her life when she was young. When she finally stops, a huge blast of flame engulfs the evening sky and kills the entire horde of monsters approaching them. The explosion was so extraordinary that the villagers rushed to the location where they found Megumin, Yunyun, and Komekko- all of whom were safe.

It is later revealed that the explosion has broken the seal of the goddess of vengeance and domination and now no one knows where she is. When they later visit Soketto for a fortune reading, she tells Megumin that she will eventually end up in Axel- a town of rookie adventurers. After enduring immense hardships, she will find many trustworthy friends there. However, Soketto appears to see something shocking in her crystal ball but refuses to explain anything.

The following weekend, Megumin and Yunyun are invited to the school. Since they have already learned and used magic, they graduate before anyone else in the class. Yunyun gets emotional but Megumin is quite stoic as always. Outside the Academy, the two friends find Ink and that’s when Megumin tells Yunyun that she has decided to name the familiar Chomusuke.

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