KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World Episode 6 Recap: The Raison D’être of an Explosive NEET

In ‘KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World’ episode 6 titled ‘The Raison D’être of an Explosive NEET,’ Megumin desperately looks for a stable job as she plans to save enough money to cover the transportation cost of Arcanretia. Unfortunately, she struggles to find a fitting role anywhere and she takes out her frustration by practicing explosion magic every evening. One day, a mysterious woman who refers to Chomosuke as the goddess of violence and sloth shows up at her door and asks to buy Megumin’s familiar for 300,000 eris.

Megumin Searches For a Job

Since Megumin wants to go to Arcanretia in order to pursue her dreams, she starts looking for jobs so that she can save enough money. Unfortunately, she is really bad at almost everything other than magic and no one wants to work with her. Megumin is already aware that transportation to Arcanretia with cost her 300,000 eris, but at the moment she does not have that kind of money. While walking around the village, she comes across Bukkorori, who calls her a NEET.

Megumin is quite offended by the comparison and tries to tell herself that she is not a NEET as she is constantly looking for a job. Later that night, she takes out her frustration by using Explosion magic on the other side of the mountain. It turns out that she has been practicing but Yunyun is quite alarmed by her careless behavior and meets her the following day. The two of them go to work in the field later that day and realize how hard it is.

Just when they are returning home, Megumin asks Yunyun to go with her. When they are alone in the forest, she uses Explosion magic all of a sudden and confesses that she practices daily. Bokkorori is drawn to the source of the explosion but Megumin simply lies to him. Later that night after she returns home, Megumin starts playing with Chomosuke. That’s when a woman comes to her house claiming that she is there to serve her and protect her life.

It turns out that she has been talking to Chomosuke the whole time, who she claims is Wolbach, the goddess of violence and sloth. The woman is then revealed to be a demon named Arnes. But unfortunately for her, Chomosuke refuses to go with her, so she offers 300,000 eris to Megumin. Since she desperately needs the money, Megumin decides to sell her familiar. The following day when Arnes comes to take Chomosuke, her aura attracts Bokkorori who in turn summons other men from the village.

Does Megumin Leave Her Village?

After Arnes is forced to run away by the villagers, Megumin and Yunyun are left alone at the house. While watching the sunset, Megumin asks Yunyun to take care of Chomosuke at her house. Yunyun is naturally surprised, so Megumin explains that she plans to leave for her journey tomorrow. It turns out that she has kept the money Arnes had given her for Chomosuke.

Since it will be enough for the teleportation cost, Megumin feels that it’s time for her to embark on her journey to achieve greatness. She also reveals that she had already told her parents a long time ago that she would leave as soon as she is ready. Megumin talks about her plans to slay the Demon King and take his place. She even jokes about making Yunyun one of her generals.

Later that day, Megumin some time with Komekko. She informs her younger sister about her plan and the two appear quite at peace with the decision. The sisters show little emotion although Komekko asks Megumin to return as soon as possible. The following day, all of her friends come to see Megumin. Interestingly, they give her gifts before saying goodbye. Megumin is not anxious at all and it’s quite evident that she has been waiting for this moment for quite some time.

Although Yunyun is quite close to Megumin, she does not come to see her because of some personal reasons. It turns out that they had already said their goodbyes the previous day. When it’s finally time for her to leave, Megumin is informed that teleportation to Arcanretia is about to be activated. With the desire to master the Explosion magic, she is teleported far away from the village- leaving her friends and family behind.

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