KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World Episode 7 Recap: Troublemakers of the City of Water

In ‘KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World’ episode 7 titled ‘Troublemakers of the City of Water,’ Megumin struggles to make ends meets in the first week after her arrival in the city of Arcanretia. When she feels desperate, she comes across a member of the Axis Church named Cecily who offers to provide her with a healthy meal. When Megumin visits the church, she gets to meet Father and later tries to help him find new recruits for the Axis Church.

Megumin Reaches Arcanretia

After arriving in the Arcanretia, Megumin tries to earn money by offering her services as an adventurer. But unfortunately, she learns that the monster that lives near the city are quite strong, and an amateur life her won’t be able to handle them on her own. She then tries to take up jobs that do not require magical powers but end up getting into fights. This puts her in a desperate situation as she barely has anything to eat and is struggling to make ends meet.

One day as she is walking in the street, she comes across a woman who is asking for help. When she takes a stand for her and confronts the two men who are supposedly creating problems for her, she flees. The men claim that the girl actually lied and she then returns with an officer to get the two men into trouble. She then flees with Megumin this time and later introduces herself as Cecily, a member of the Axis Church. Since Megumin is hungry, Cecily takes her to the church where she eats a healthy meal and also gets to meet Father Zesta.

Who Does Megumin Meet in Arcanretia? Why is Father Zesta Arrested?

In order to help Father Zesta get new recruits to the Axis Church, Megumin comes up with a plan to trick people into helping Megumin on the street. When that happens, Zesta will invite them both to the nearest cafe and use the chance to give a sermon to convince the person to convert. This sounds like a perfect plan to Zesta but when he sees a girl walking towards them, he forgets that it’s Megumin who is supposed to deliberately spill apples on the street expecting the person to help.

When they try the second time, Megumin is confronted by an off-duty police officer, and when it’s time for Zesta to intervene to take them both to a cafe, he decides to flee the scene instead. Megumin is naturally pissed off by his behavior. However, Zesta later helps her by revealing that there is a beautiful woman living in Axel who uses explosion magic. Megumin is so thrilled to learn such a crucial clue that she decides to help him more in his recruiting efforts.

When Megumin deliberately falls on the street not knowing who is walking towards her, she is surprised to find Yunyun in front of her. Yunyun naturally does not understand what her friend is up to and decides to question her about it. Megumin is also curious about Yunyun’s motivations to come to Arcanretia. Although she lies that Chomosuke was missing her, it is quite obvious that Yunyun was not happy to live away from her frenemy.

Father Zesta then invites Yunyun to the church as well and the trio returns without succeeding to gain any new recruits to the Axis Church. But to their surprise, Father Zesta is soon informed that there is an arrest warrant for him and he must surrender. When Megumin inquires what are the allegations against him, she learns that the fortune teller from the Crimson Demon Village (Soketto) has revealed in her prophecy that Father Zesta is deliberately polluting the city’s water springs.

Therefore, he must be arrested. Megumin does not challenge the arrest anymore but then inquires Yunyun about the prophecy. It turns out that Yunyun visited Arcanretia to deliver the prediction that the city was doomed because of its polluted water bodies. Now that Father Zesta is arrested, the members of the Axis Church feel they probably do not need him that much.

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