KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World Episode 8 Recap: Fanatics of the Water City

In ‘KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World’ episode 8 titled ‘Fanatics of the Water City,’ Cecily starts investigating the charges levied on Father Zesta with Megumin and Yunyun’s help. But they soon learn that he has been freed and the police have even apologized for their mistake. Interestingly, Arnes shows up in the city of Arcanretia to get Chomosuke but the members of the Axis church confront her.

Father Zesta is Released By the Police

Following Father Zesta’s arrest, things at the Axis church change rapidly. Candidates who wish to become the next pontiff try to give public speeches to gain more followers. Meanwhile, Cecily is not at all concerned about Father Zesta as she feels that he will be enjoying the company of the female cop right now. Later she tells Yunyun and Megumin to help her investigate the whole incident. She wants to pay a visit to every inn that has complained about the poor water quality.

When the three of them test the water, they find that it has been mixed with slime for some reason. They go to the hot spring where the water from the mountain is collected before flowing to all the nearby inns. Cecily feels that there is a good chance that they may end up finding some evidence. But it turns out that the knights have already done that and they reveal to the girls the powder that Zesta was supposedly carrying to mix with the source of water.

Cecily now feels really concerned for the well-being of Father Zesta but hopes that he will be out of jail soon. But she and Megumin are shocked when Yunyun reveals that the punishment for treason is actually execution. Interestingly, they soon learn that the police have lifted all charges levied on Father Zesta after his interrogation. They even apologize to him.

Although everyone seems happy, Megumin is still concerned that someone has been pouring powder into the water. But she forgets all of her concerns when Arnes suddenly shows up in the city looking for Chomosuke. When Father Zesta sees her, he feels attracted to her but refuses to let his emotions get in the way. As a member of the Axis church, he must stand against a demon girl, which is exactly what he does. Other members also join him and manage to make Arnes flee for her life.

Does Megumin Go to Axel?

After Father Zesta and other members of the Axis Church make Arnes flee for her life, Yunyun and Megumin have a discussion about their future plans. Megumin reveals that she will head to the city of Axel next as she has heard that an Explosion magic user lives there. Interestingly, Yunyun also has plans to go there. Since Megumin does not have the money for the trip, she asks Yunyun to go before her.

It seems that Yunyun has no exclusive plans and she just wants to be with Megumin. So she makes the excuse that she will be sightseeing for the next few days, as it will ensure that her plans to go to Axel align with that of Megumin. The two friends are then approached by Father Zesta, who expresses his gratitude to Megumin for everything she has done so far. He then hands over some money to her and tells her that it is the payment for the recruitment methods she taught him.

Megumin was just thinking about getting some odd jobs to earn money for the entire trip and all of a sudden she had money to leave Arcanretia immediately. Father Zesta tells Megumin that she has the option to take some rest today and then leave for Axel tomorrow. Megumin decides to relax that day. The following morning, she says goodbye to the members of the Axis church. Meanwhile, Yunyun also follows her frenemy, and the two leave with dreams of making a name for themselves in Axel.

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