KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World Episode 9 Recap: Crimson Demon Village

In ‘KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World’ episode 9 titled ‘Destroyer from the Crimson Demon Village,’ Yunyun and Megumin leave for Axel but their carriages get attacked by monsters. Although Yunyun fights valiantly, there is one more attack on them the following day. As they have only begun to grasp the strangeness of the whole situation, Arnes shows up to take Chomosuke away. It turns out that the previous two attacks were also coordinated by her as she wanted to make sure that Yunyun has used up all her powers.

Megumin Heads to Axel

As Yunyun and Megumin take the carriage to Axel, they are excited to face all the challenges that lay ahead in their path. They end up having an altercation with each other over ordinary issues. Everything else appears to be going great but then the entire caravan of carriages suddenly stops. The men outside ask Megumin and Yunyun for their help as they are the Crimson Demons.

Megumin acts confidently at first but when she walks outside the carriage, she is bewildered to see the size of monsters outside. Since her explosion magic is not that effective in close combat, Yunyun takes responsibility on her shoulder and fights all the monsters alone. Everyone is ultimately saved by her valiant efforts and she becomes quite popular in just one night.

Interestingly, the following day there is one more attack on the caravan and this time Yunyun fights all by herself one more time. By this time they have reached very close to Axel, so they do not expect to face any more challenges. But this turns out to be an inaccurate assessment as Arnes shows up in front of them determined to take Chomosuke with her.

How Does Megumin Defeat Arnes?

As Arnes slowly lands on the ground, the men there try to attack her before the demon makes her move. Unfortunately, they are too slow and weak for her as she defeats all of them without even lifting her finger. Yunyun is already too exhausted but tries to act as if she can still fight. But Arnes has been very strategic from the very start and tells her that she has already confirmed that her magic power is spent. This is a confirmation that the monsters that came after Megumin and the rest of the caravan heading to Axel were actually working on Arnes’ orders.

Interestingly, Arnes does not even take Megumin that seriously and feels that she has already won the battle. When her friend is disrespected, Yunyun tries to take a stand for her and argues that she has far more potential than the demon is estimating. But Arnes continues to mock Megumin. Instead of getting bothered by her comments, Megumin instead asks her if she wants Chomosuke at any cost. When the demon agrees, she throws her familiar as hard as she can into the there.

Neither Yunyun nor Arnes were expecting that to happen and they panic for a few seconds. Realizing that Chomosuke must be saved, Arnes flies off as fast as she could and manages to catch her in the air. This is exactly what Megumin had expected and she prepares herself to use her Explosion magic to take out Arnes. But Yunyun stops her at the very last second since she does not Chomosuke to get injured as well.

While Arnes is still in the air, Chomosuke escapes her grip by biting her hand and starts to fall toward the ground beneath at a very high speed. Luckily, Yunyun is quick enough to get to her and catches Chomosuke at the very last second. Arnes observes this all unfold still in the same position in the air, which gives Megumin a clear shot at her. She uses this chance and uses her Explosion Magic. Although Arnes tries to defend herself, all her efforts prove to be futile as she is blown away in the blast.

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