Kris and Jeymi From 90 Day Fiance: All We Know About the Duo

Among other interesting couples, season 4 of ’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way,’ a spinoff of TLC’s ’90 Day Fiance,’ also introduce US native Kris Foster and her Venezuelan girlfriend, Jeymi Noguera. Following their meeting in Bogota, Colombia, Jeymi and Kris appear to be very much in love. Though they are new to reality TV, they have managed to garner several fans who are naturally eager to know more about them. Well, here’s everything we know about Jeymi and Kris!

Kris and Jeymi: Contrasting Backgrounds, Shared Dreams

Originally from Haleyville, Arizona, Kris was 40-years-old at the time of filming. With Haleyville being a small town, Kris was brought up in a conservative environment, although she has always been eager to explore new cultures and lifestyles. On top of it, Kris loves dressing up and is highly fond of her adorable pooch. Unfortunately, Kris has not revealed much about her profession and even prefers to keep it hidden on social media.

However, readers would be interested to know that she has been married twice and is a loving mother of two. While her children, Starr and Dayne, live with their mother in Haleyville, neither of Kris’ marriages worked out, and she faced her fair share of heartbreak in the past. On the other hand, while Jeymi Noguera is originally from Venezuela, she moved to Bogota, Colombia, in search of a better life.

For starters, Jeymi mentioned that Venezuela was pretty conservative about most things, and she even found it difficult to get a job there. Besides, people in Venezuela view same-sex relationships as taboo, while Jeymi was free to live however she pleased in Colombia. From the looks of it, Jeymi currently works as an artist and does amateur modeling on the side. She is also an avid dog lover and seems to have quite a few things in common with Kris.

Jeymi and Kris Met Via a Dating App

While Kris had dated and was married to men in the past, she wrote off love for a while after living through two divorces. However, when she decided to step into the dating pool for the second time, the 40-year-old opened an account on an international dating app and immediately matched with Jeymi. Although the US native had not met Jeymi face to face before filming, the two got acquainted over chats and video calls, only to realize their mutual attraction.

From the looks of it, they appeared to be soulmates, and it did not take long for them to start dating. Naturally, Jeymi and Kris faced their fair share of challenges, as dating online is always quite tricky. However, they managed to put their past behind them, and once Kris was sure of her commitment, she made the journey to Columbia, much to Jeymi’s delight.

Jeymi and Kris: Future Prospects

Although Kris and Jeymi appear to be the perfect match and have several things in common, there are indications of trouble beneath the surface. For starters, they started out as a long-distance couple and were unable to build the understanding and trust needed for an ideal marriage. This became clearer once the show revealed how Kris had disappeared from Jeymi’s life for a short while in the middle of their relationship. Incidentally, at that same time, Jeymi lost her grandmother, and desperate for company, she ended up chatting intimately with a different girl on the dating site.

In another instance, Jeymi seemingly told Kris that she was sick at home with COVID-19, but the US native seemingly got to know that her partner was lying. Even then, Jeymi denied all accusations and insisted on her innocence, much to Kris’ frustration. This lack of communication haunted them further as the two got into a significant altercation after Kris traveled to Columbia.

The altercation ended in a verbal quarrel until Jeymi drove off in her car, leaving the US native behind. While such developments make us feel like the couple will have to work on their trust and communication issues, we believe that Kris and Jeymi will work out if they empathize and meet each other halfway.

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