Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Episode 5 Recap: White Day and a Destination for Feelings

In the fifth episode of ‘Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible‘ titled ‘White Day and a Destination for Feelings,’ Shiraishi finds a safe spot in the school premise to eat his lunch alone. But unlike others, Kubo manages to find him and makes him share his food with her. Later that day, Tamao and Hazuki ask Nagisa about her crush and are shocked when she tells them about Shiraishi. Meanwhile, it’s been a month since Valentine’s day, so Shiraishi decides to buy a present for his secret admirer who gifted him cookies.

Kubo Gives Shiraishi Company

As Shiraishi prefers to stay alone and likes to just eat his lunch by himself, he often finds a spot where he can quietly eat his meal. He does the same on an ordinary day as well but unlike others, Nagisa manages to find him. When she sees Shiraishi’s lunch, she is intrigued by the tasty-looking octopus sausages and rolled omelets. Kubo is so lost in her thoughts that she does not realize that Shiraishi has noticed her staring at his lunchbox. He naturally offers to share the meal with him which instantly makes Kubo happy.

Nagisa really enjoys the mouth-watering food and talking about mundane things with Shiraishi. The conversation eventually turns to their favorite food and Shiraishi reveals that he loves Hamburger steak. Later that day after school, Nagisa visits a restaurant with Hazuki and Tamao. The latter notices that Kubo has gotten really cute lately while the former mentions that she is glowing for some reason. This makes Tamao question Nagisa if she has a crush on someone.

Interestingly, Hazuki reveals that their friend is yet to fall in love and has not kissed someone yet. Tomao opens up about her embarrassing childhood memory when she recalls wanting to marry her own father when she was in first grade. The conversation eventually turns toward Nagisa again when Tamao asks if she has someone in life who she wants to talk to a lot and keep looking out for. Shiraishi immediately comes to her mind and Kubo feels embarrassed.

Tamao and Hazuki notice her reaction and realize that their friend does have a crush after all. When they ask about the mysterious boy again, she reveals his name only for the duo to seem disappointed. Tamao questions Kubo’s choice and wonders why she likes a boy who is not athletic or academically gifted. Nagisa naturally does not like what she says and stops her from badmouthing her crush.

What is White Day? What Does Shiraishi Buy For His Mysterious Admirer? Does He Find Out Who Gifted Her Cookies on Valentine’s Day?

Exactly a month after Valentine’s Day, people give reciprocal gifts to those who have bought them a present on February 14th. Celebrated annually on March 14 since 1978, the White Day was first observed in Japan but has over the decades become a common occasion to celebrate love in several other Asian countries now. Shiraishi has not forgotten that a mysterious admirer had left cookies on his seat on Valentine’s day.

Therefore, he buys a box of sweets for the same person. But there is one small problem, he has no clue about the girl that left the gift for him. Since Shiraishi knows that Nagisa is aware of this mysterious admirer, he later talks to her at school and hands over the box of sweets. Nagisa initially does not realize that Shiraishi is giving her sweets because he does not realize that the sweets were made by her, so when he eventually explains himself, she is quite surprised.

Instead of telling Shiraishi the truth, Kubo acts as if she cannot reveal the name of the secret admirer as well. When Shiraishi eventually asks her, she questions back if he would appreciate receiving a present from her on Valentine’s day. When he agrees, Nagisa feels satisfied and simply walks away. Shiraishi fails to understand the obvious hint and asks her about the secret admirer again. But Kubo does not tell her anything and rightly blames him for not being able to figure out the answer himself.

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