Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Episode 4 Recap: Red Heart and Secret Admirer

In the fourth episode of ‘Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible‘ titled ‘Red Heart and Secret Admirer,’ Shiraishi becomes extremely self-conscious after he arrives at school wearing mismatched pair of socks. Later that day, he goes to the market with Nagisa and the two almost end up sharing food before something unexpected occurs. Since valentine’s day is approaching, the students in school are quite excited but Shiraishi feels that it is just any other ordinary day for him. However, he is quite shocked to find an unexpected gift on his desk.

Shiraishi Goes to Market With Nagisa

Shiraishi is quite surprised that Seita, his young brother can copy his favorite cartoon for hours so energetically. Since he overwatches the TV, his mother asks Shiraishi to take Seita to the park. But even there he continues to try and copy the pose of his favorite character. Shiraishi watched the same show when he was younger and knew his brother was doing it in the wrong way. Therefore, he teaches Seita how to do it correctly, unbeknownst to the fact that Nagisa is also there and is recording him secretly.

When Shiraishi finally realizes what’s happening, he becomes very shy and stops acting childishly. The following day, he reaches school with a mismatched pair of shocks and is thankful that no one really pays any attention to him. But he is still very self-conscious and tries to make sure that no one notices him. When the class teacher asks Nagisa to put up some pamphlets on the class board, she asks for Shiraishi’s help. That’s when he learns that she has known about the socks thing since that morning and asks him not to overthink it.

But Nagisa feels shy when Shiraishi points out that she is wearing tights. He realizes that he should not have said it out loud as Nagisa continues to tease him about watching her legs all day. Later that evening, the two of them go to a nearby shop to get a cup of latte and bun. Shiraishi does not wish to share food with Nagisa since he obviously feels that it is something that a couple would do. But Nagisa still manages to get a bite of his bun. While he is conflicted and tries to bring himself to eat the same bun, two women accidentally crash into him and it falls to the ground.

Who Puts Cookies on Shiraishi’s Desk? Does He Find Out About His Secret Admirer?

With Valentine’s day approaching, students in school engage in different social shenanigans to draw the attention of the opposite sex. Interestingly, boys are just as nervous and excited as the girls and some even go as far as dishonestly wooing the latter just in hopes of receiving chocolates. But there are also ones like Shiraishi, who never get anything from anyone. When he was younger, his class teacher used to distribute chocolates but would often forget him. He had become accustomed to not getting anything and expected the same on this Valentine’s day as well.

However, he was intrigued to see cookies on his table after he arrived in his class. Shiraishi was confused since he could not process who could have forgotten it there. He was confident that no one would really put so much effort in doing something for him. While thinking about it deeply, he slammed his head a little harder than expected on the table and Nagisa immediately came to check up on him. Until now, Shiraishi has not noticed her, and the thought that she may have been his secret admirer crossed his mind. But he did not ask her if she knew about the cookies.

Interestingly, Nagisa herself enquired whether someone has given him chocolates on Valentine’s day. Nagisa noticed the cookie and asked Shiraishi, who could have left it there. When he seemed just as clueless, she left the classroom after alluding to the fact that his secret admirer has put a lot of effort into making the cookies and he should enjoy them. Despite the obvious hint, Shiraishi was still just as confused. It turns out that Nagisa had gone to the market the day before to get the ingredients to make something for him.

His sister Akane was quite shocked since Nagisa was a terrible cook, who could barely do anything in the kitchen. But she was shocked to see how adamant her sister was this time. Unfortunately, the chocolate cookies she made were horrible. In order to help her, Akane started cooking cookies next to her so that Nagisa can simply follow her as she was unwilling to herself ask for help. That’s exactly what happened and Nagisa ended up making really tasty cookies.

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