Kurt Sowers and Steven McBee’s Net Worths: Who is the Real Millionaire?

Image Credit: Kurt Sowers/Instagram

‘Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer’ brings an interesting twist to the popular genre of dating reality shows by having one out of the two seemingly wealthy bachelors masquerade as a millionaire. The premise then follows a group of single women as they interact with and vie for the attention of the bachelors. Although the women know that one of the two men is pretending to be wealthy, his exact identity is kept hidden. However, at the very end, the show reveals the deception only to check if the chosen special someone will leave the pretender for money or will the emotional connection have the last laugh. With Kurt Sowers and Steven McBee selected as the season 1 bachelors, fans are now interested to know which one is the actual millionaire. Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Is Kurt Sowers a Millionaire? What is His Net Worth?

Although Kurt Sowers is quite private when it comes to his personal and professional lives, he is reported to be holding a prestigious CEO position at a construction company. The company, which is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, appears to be a flourishing business and has found a lot of success in the present-day market. As each bachelor’s net worth is quite integral to the show’s premise, the network went to great lengths to keep Kurt’s current net worth under wraps.

However, with the construction company CEO quite open to sharing his lifestyle on social media, it looks like he leads a life full of luxury and comfort. From partying with friends to visiting expensive places, Kurt appears to be quite handsomely compensated for him to enjoy life on his own accord. Additionally, with Kurt operating a massive business and serving a larger market than his co-star, Steven, it seems like his net worth is surely be in the millions. So we feel, Kurt Sowers is the real millionaire.

Is Steven McBee a Millionaire? What is His Net Worth?

Kurt’s co-star and the second bachelor on the show, Steven McBee, is known for establishing his own farming business, the McBee Farm and Cattle Company. Giving priority to ethics and preservation over everything else, Steven takes pride in using sustainable agricultural methods and machinery, which helps conserve the land and at the same time produces high-quality grain for the market. Moreover, apart from livestock herding, the farm even sells hunting gear and undertakes guided hunting tours which help with additional revenue.

Steven is also quite open when it comes to sharing his life on social media, although it seems to be in stark contrast to his castmate. Unlike Kurt’s luxurious lifestyle, Steven prefers to lead a simpler life and takes great interest in the outdoors. Although his business is impressive, to say the least, his rustic way of living seems to hint at it not being as grand as Kurt’s. Thus, unless Steven owns a large property or high-value assets, it looks as if his total net worth might be just short of a million dollars.

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