Joe Millionaire’s Kurt Sowers: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Kurt F. Sowers/Instagram

‘Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer’ is a dating reality show that brings together a group of single ladies as they try and win over two eligible bachelors. Although both bachelors appear to be millionaires at first glance, one of them is, in fact, an average person whose real identity is kept hidden from the women. After all is said and done, the show reveals the deception, hoping to find out if the chosen partner will leave the person pretending for money or if the emotional connection will force her to stay.

Kurt Sowers rose to fame as one of the eligible bachelors on season 1 of the show. With Kurt being relatively new to reality TV, curiosity surrounding his life is at an all-time high. Thus, we decided to jump in and find out everything there is about Kurt Sowers.

Kurt Sowers’ Age and Background

Kurt Sowers, 32, is quite private regarding his family and refrains from talking about them in public. Furthermore, his presence on social media is also limited, thus making information about Kurt’s loved ones extremely scarce. However, he does seem to have lots of friends and often takes time out to enjoy life and make memories which he then shares on social media. Besides, Kurt even appears to be of an amicable nature, as he got pretty close to his co-star, Steven McBee, and seems to have made a friend for life.

Kurt Sowers’ Profession

Unfortunately, not much is known about Kurt’s profession other than him currently holding the prestigious CEO position at a construction company. Kurt’s business is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, and seems to be thriving in the current market. Although the show has gone to great lengths in order to keep his total net worth under wraps, Kurt appears to be quite well off as his social media posts hint at a life of luxury and comfort.

Kurt Sowers’ Dating Life

Kurt Sowers prefers to keep his dating life under wraps and has never talked about a special someone in his life. Although he joined the show to find the perfect partner, Kurt noted how it was challenging to realize the intentions of their prospective partners. Moreover, he also mentioned that while filming the show was quite taxing, there was a lot of love and emotion involved. Thus, with the show still airing and the star under a strict contract that disallows him from revealing his present relationship status, we can only wait to find out if Kurt Sowers has a special person in his life.

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