Kyla-Drew Plays Jamie Foxx’s Daughter in Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! Here is Everything We Know About Her.

Kyla-Drew Simmons is an actress from Georgia who has appeared in multiple TV shows and movies, including the 2013 Oscar-nominated crime drama ‘Prisoners’ with Hugh Jackman. She has also appeared in popular TV shows like ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and more recently stars alongside Oscar winner Jamie Foxx on the Netflix family sitcom ‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!’ Kyla-Drew made her first appearance on mainstream television before she reached the age of 10 and has already garnered a long list of acting credits.

Due to her determination and acting prowess, the young actress has steadily risen in the ranks of Hollywood. She already sees herself producing movies that tell authentic Black stories in a few years and possibly being nominated for an Oscar. A name that we should all get used to hearing a lot more, Kyla-Drew seems to be headed to stardom. Here’s everything we know about her!

Kyla-Drew’s Family and Early Life

Kyla-Drew Simmons was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on April 17, 2004. While training as a young professional dancer, she was complimented on her stage presence by her instructors. After convincing her mother, Kat Simmons, to enroll her in acting classes, she moved to LA to build on her acting career and fell in love with the art of storytelling in acting. Kyla-Drew also has a younger brother named Kiyan-Drew, who is about 10 years younger than her, and they both feature regularly on their mother’s social media accounts. Their father has also been pictured with her, but his name remains unknown.

Her impressive acting career is not the only thing that Kyla-Drew has achieved at a young age. Not being fond of taking classes on set, she passed her California High School Proficiency Exam at the age of 12 but continued to study in school till the age of 15. After graduating at 15, she attended Pasadena City College, from where she got her associate’s degree in natural science. At present, Kyla-Drew is pursuing business administration at the University of Southern California and hopes to obtain a journalism degree in the future.

Kyla-Drew’s Acting Career

Kyla-Drew was initially a competitive dancer who decided to switch to acting because of her impeccable stage presence. After convincing her mother and moving to LA, she got an agent and started out with an uncredited role in the sci-fi sitcom ‘The Neighbors.’ At the age of 8, she starred alongside the likes of Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Viola Davis on the crime drama mystery ‘Prisoners.’ After appearing in minor roles and recurring capacity in several movies and shows, Kyla-Drew achieved a breakthrough owing to her performance as Mae Valentine in ‘Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn,’ from 2014 till 2018.

A year later, the young actress bagged the role of Becky in ‘No Good Nick.’ Kyla-Drew’s appearances in TV shows continue to grow in popularity, with her appearing on ‘NCIS,’ ‘The Good Doctor,’ and even alongside Michelle Obama on ‘Jessie,’ in which she appears as a guest star. On sharing the screen with Jamie Foxx and playing his daughter, Kyla-Drew expressed in an interview that it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, which has undoubtedly opened many more doors for the prolific actress.

Is Kyla Drew Dating Anyone?

Kyla-Drew Simmons has admitted that one of the hardest parts about being a busy actress while attending college is finding time for her personal life. Despite having been around some world-famous celebrities, the personal life and potential romantic engagements of the young actress are kept mainly out of public view apart from what she chooses to share on social media. Therefore, the busy actress has no confirmed dating history or romantic partner at the moment and is most likely single.

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