La Brea Episode 8 and 9 Recap: Who Killed Wyatt?

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NBC’s ‘La Brea’ returns with the second half of its second, bringing the audience back to the world of 10,000 BC. In the previous episode, Gavin and his family, along with Sam and Riley jumped through a portal that took them from 1988 to the prehistoric era. Just before jumping, Gavin had a disturbing vision, which spills into the next two episodes of the show. By the end, we get more questions than answers, with new mysteries thrown in the mix. The search for a solution to the time travel problem intensifies and the stakes are raised for the characters, all of whom are desperate to go back home. Here’s what the ending means for their future. SPOILERS AHEAD

La Brea Season 2 Episode 8 and 9 Recap

Gavin is reunited with his family in 10,000 BC, with Caroline, Sam, and Riley following soon after. They decided that the best course of action was to immediately get to the plan, where they would upload Caroline’s virus to James’s machine and close the portal once and for all. They have to hurry because things are getting worse in 1988 when the tidal wave is about to destroy the entire city. Meanwhile, Gavin is plagued with the knowledge of his wife’s death, which eventually leads him to make a decision that changes the course of the story.

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While Caroline, Riley, Sam, and Eve go towards the secret system that will allow Caroline access to the Lazarus building, Gavin and Izzy find a way into the building to distract James, giving Caroline enough time to upload the virus. Gavin opens up to his daughter about his vision, mentioning the red flowers which Izzy later notices inside Lazarus. James tells her that the tree with the red flowers only grows in 10,000 BC and that they are still researching it.

Realizing that her mother dies in 10,000 BC, Izzy persuades her father not to let the portal be closed. He relents just in time and while the tidal wave in 1988 is stopped, the portal inside the Lazarus doesn’t close. Back at the clearing, Scott, Lucas, and the others prepare for an imminent threat. In between this, Josh tells them about the plan to close the portal which means that they will never go home. Meanwhile, Eve tries to come to terms with the revelation that she might die soon.

La Brea Season 2 Episode 9 Ending: Who Killed Wyatt?

While people are busy figuring out the bigger picture, a murder happens near the clearing. The victim of this crime is a man named Wyatt. In his original timeline, he was a construction worker. So, whenever there is something related to construction going on, he usually takes the lead and is rather vocal about his experience in comparison with others. He has a tiff with Virgil, the man that was rescued from the mines where survivors of sinkholes were being held captive and forced to work by Taamet and his men.

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When Wyatt’s dead body is found, a peculiar mark is noticed around him. He had been stabbed, which leads everyone to come up with their theories. From the mark, Scott suspects that it is Taamet’s work. In the previous episode, Scott freed Taamet when he was being held captive by Paara’s people. This was in exchange for saving Lucas’s life. When Taamet was freed, he vowed to kill everyone. Scott kept this from the others, fearing that they would blame him for letting him go in the first place.

The investigation proceeds as some people are sent around to look for clues, especially the location where Wyatt had been originally killed. It is believed that his body was dragged to the place where it was found. Eve ventures out with this thought, but is forced to confront her fears when she falls down a hole. Her leg gets stuck under a rock rendering her unable to move. No one knows where she is, and she gets more scared when she sees the plant with the red flowers, the ones that Gavin had seen in his vision. She believes that the vision is going to come true and she is going to die there, especially when a bear enters the scene. Despite this, she survives and comes back to the clearing to address her fears with Gavin, who consoles her by saying that even is not sure what the vision really means.

Meanwhile, Sam tells Lucas that the murder weapon was a seven-inch knife. This leads Lucas to immediately suspect Virgil, who had an argument with Wyatt. It turns out that Virgil has a collection of knives, out of which, rather interestingly, only the seven-inch knife is missing. He claims that it fell off while falling down the sinkhole, but Lucas isn’t convinced. Despite Lucas being sure that Virgil killed Wyatt, his suspicions are not shared by the others. Sam believes that Lucas has made the conclusion in haste and there is no concrete proof against Virgil.

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Scott, on the other hand, defends Virgil, believing that it’s Taamet, exacting revenge on him and everyone else. Scott also tells Sam about the whole thing with the Exile, giving more weight to Sam’s belief that Lucas is wrong about Virgil. Later, the murder weapon is found and it’s clear that it is not from Virgil’s collection. It looks like it belongs to an Exile, deepening Scott’s belief that Taamet is the murderer. In the final scene, however, the truth is revealed to the audience.

The symbol was an important indicator of the killer’s identity, and it’s the same sign that we see on the cloth that Virgil burns. He is also relieved when Lucas apologizes to him. It is the relief of narrowly escaping getting caught. So, it is confirmed that Lucas’s intuition was right. Virgil did kill Wyatt. The explanation about the knife and the symbol is also given by Lucas who believes that Virgil spent enough time with the Exiles to get the chance to steal something from them.

It is difficult to accept that Virgil would kill Wyatt over a simple argument, but we don’t really know what kind of person Virgil is. There may be a completely different reason behind his actions, and it just might be the thing that Scott is worried about. We still can’t rule out the possibility that Taamet was, directly or indirectly, involved in the murder. If so, then Virgil could be working for him, and having an inside man will prove very useful to Taamet and very deadly to Scott and his friends.

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